The Report

On the first day, it rained. And rained. And rained. We did draft in this mess...

The brace team of Zoey/Sparkle refused to sit or down -- fair enough. Would you want to sit in that?!

And so we had to attempt a three-minute stand stay. Sparkle, much to the crowd's great amusement, spent the entire time chewing up sticks -- while still standing. She would pick one up, hold it with a paw, and spit out her chewed pieces. Zoey stood horrified but resolute, clearly thinking, "You are SO not my daughter."

But they passed -- I am not sure how given the conditions (answer: Zoey), but they did.

Agility was at the same place but in a bit higher ground; given the previous day's record breaking rain, the higher ground was helpful but still wet. I did not run Zoey but Sparkle had fun and came home with a nice photo (Thanks, Tim).

Zoey made the cut in a nice veterans Sweeps class.

On to obedience. Zoey won the Open B class but it was Sparkle who once again was the crowd pleaser. All was well until the down stay. Val Horney once correctly said, "No self-respecting Berner fails a down stay." Given the stick incident at draft, we should have known that Ms. Sparkle marches to a different drummer. 

It went like this...

Sparkle did her sit stay just fine and we moved on to the down stay -- all was well. Then she noticed the armband next to her so she reached back and picked it up. Using her paws to hold it, she proceeded to shred the armband, biting off tiny pieces and spitting them out until there was a small pile of white confetti in front of her. Not content with such a small pile, she looked around for more -- and stood up. 

And yes, I was (silently) laughing along with everyone else -- it was hilarious. 

Rally -- Sparkle got a leg, even after grabbing at two signs. I missed a sign with Zoey so did not qualify with her. But Zoey really had an awesome Specialty...

Claire did GREAT but I need info cards that I can hand out about her grey coat -- I did a lot of educating about her coat.

And so on. Lots of wonderful performances from friends and family, and best of all -- Marti's Dear Husband was there and upright and doing well after his "drop dead" cardiac arrest/heart attack two weeks ago. Being able to talk to him was like talking to a Miracle. 



by Nell on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 09:27

Thanks for the informative and entertaining report. I love Sparkle's industrious attitude.

I am reminded of 2002 in WV. A beautiful site with constant rain. Several days ambulances came to carry away folks with broken bones. The rings kept moving up the hill. The parades were in a swamp and most of us took the prize and didn't walk the ring.


by CA Heidi :-) on Mon, 05/01/2017 - 18:28

Sparkle always gets extra points for personality -- I have a horse very much like that. Not many awards, but lots of belly laughs and great memories, so I count that as winning, for sure.

It's a shame we couldn't bring up Bravo -- he makes friends any/everywhere, so I think he would have had a great time. But I am not super sorry to have missed that mud! Ugh!

I am glad you all made it home well and happy.


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