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It should not be true that a Berner who is 8.5+ years is so terrifying -- but it kinda is. You feel like you are holding a ticking bomb, unsure when it will go off but certain it will. Each day brings you closer to the shattering. 

But isn't that true of everything and everyone? We might convince ourselves otherwise, but it seems to me that every connection and every relationship represents liability. The only place where choice really exists is deciding whether to sit in the terrified space dreading the inevitable or enjoy what is happening right this moment. 

Zoey, age 8 years and 8 months.

A dog reminds us to live in the moment. They don't dread what is ahead - they simply enjoy what is now.

You can learn a lot from a dog.

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by CA Heidi on Tue, 05/02/2017 - 12:44

We are at the space of a painful ending in our house, which of course will also make room for beginnings. It isn't a bad thing, though it hurts -- it's just what is right now. I have a hard time remembering that. It's true that dogs are too smart to measure their days by counting them, they measure the right way, with love. Time to remember that important lesson; maybe one day I will be as smart as a dog. <3


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