Zoey & Graduation


Zoey had her first chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday -- these photo are from last night.

As you can see, she is doing well. 

We got some Good News yesterday - Zoey's Lymphoma is B-cell (B for Better as opposed to T-cell with a T for Terrible). This gives a much more positive prognosis, and so is good news indeed.

While we wish nothing were wrong, a B-cell Lymphoma diagnosis brings with it the gift of hope and the whispered promise of time. Perhaps one has to experience some of the hopeless canine cancers to know how to appreciate this one. 


Galen graduated from law school today!

How cool is that?!



by Dianne on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 06:27

So glad to hear Zoey is doing so well and received a B grade. Keep on keeping on Air Zoey!

by Kathy L on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 06:42

Wonderful news!!

by emmy on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 07:59

She looks great, and more importantly, happy!

by Kay on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 10:54

That's such great news and a big relief. More time with Zoey is a gift for both of you.

by Judy on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 11:18

More time, yes please! Having had 16 months instead of the 4 to 8 week prognosis when my dog was diagnosed with lymphoma, I wholeheartedly agree! And I would do it again without hesitation. I hope Zoey has at least that success and so much more! Happy days, Zoey! And Mary-Ann!

by Nell in Cedar City on Sat, 05/20/2017 - 18:23

I'm so pleased that Zoey is doing so well and that she has the best choice for a diagnosis. Hurrah for you for seeing the subtle signs..

It tickles me to see Claire's sweet face pop up in so many pictures. She's working in the family's other business - getting your picture taken. :-)

Congratulations to Galen and all his support family on his graduation.


by Susan on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 04:30

So glad to hear Zoey is doing well after her first chemo session. Our girl Maia was diagnosed with lymphoma back in February (B cell) and has been having chemo since and copes with it well. Best news is she's still with us, has brilliant quality of life and is enjoying it to the full. You have done the right thing! Big Berner hugs from Maia to Zoey xx

by Kay on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 10:00

Way cool. Congrats!

by CA Heidi :-) on Tue, 05/23/2017 - 17:13

I am so glad Zoey seems well and of course Galen's big news is amazing!!!


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