Day 2: Filer & Day 3: Blackfoot

Yesterday in Filer was a lovely day -- Sparkle was Best of Opposite and Owner-Handled Group 3. Zoey doesn't love to show in the beauty pageant but she sure likes grooming tables...

Harper B continues to recover nicely...

And then we came to Blackfoot -- one of my most favorite shows! We are set up in a little group with Aysha and her dogs...

...and Elizabethanne! F.U.N.

This was my view from the RV this morning...

In Blackfoot we have agility and beauty pageant AND reliable, fast internet!

The Later Report

After the beauty pageant today, I was feeling annoyed -- I can deal with Sparkle being dumped but the judge was just not nice. I checked the popular Facebook list where people review judges and Holy Smokes -- today's judge has an incredible amount of negative reviews and for the very things that concerned me; that was validating. 

And so nothing in the beauty pageant today but Sparkle had two very nice agility runs and picked up her first Novice FAST leg AND she had fun learning about Dock Diving! We tried it with Zoey and let's just say Dock Diving is not on her Bucket List.


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by CA Heidi :-) on Thu, 06/15/2017 - 13:03

Again, what lovely little spots you make for your dogs. I am so glad that Harper B for Better is recovering well. Poor lady. And how nice to be in good company with good internet! Win-win! I am sure it's a good omen.


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