Day Something: Great Falls (Updated)

This is Tika and Sparkle yesterday in Billings...

Billings was a bit of a bust boring -- nothing but conformation and overloaded with professional handlers. Combined with the hair-raisingly windy 5+ hour drive over to Great Falls -- well, I won't race back there. The drive between Billings and Great Falls is BEAUTIFUL but the wind was not fun at all.

You know what is beautiful and fun? Sparklers at six months -- Tika...




Jordan - wow!

So we made it to Great Falls late yesterday, did the obedience run thru's and set up camp...

We have a board to keep track of the comings and goings on days when we are doing multiple events -- like today...

Utility A went well but the go outs didn't involve quite enough go -- darn! But Zoey was happy to be doing something :) We are not really involved with Rats -- that refers to Aysha's Rat Terrier. Sparkle attempted to shred the fake armband during stay practice last night so obedience this afternoon could will be interesting!

I hope your Friday is going well :)


1. Ruthie at six months...

2. Sparkle was Best of Breed today! Very cool.

3. In spite of leaping in the air before all sits (except one) and jumping on me on the recall, Sparkle earned her first Novice B obedience leg today! It was highly entertaining, as you can imagine. She did not, however, chew up her armband number so I count that as improvement.

4. Family Reunion!!! Major (dad of the Sparklers) lives in Great Falls and so we managed to get a family photo...

How cool is that?!



by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 06/23/2017 - 18:23

It's been so horribly hot here, I hope you are not all melting as we are!

Happy trails!


by Mari on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 09:33

Love, love the family photo and the individual Sparkler updates!
Definitely partial to Mr. Freckles, um, I mean Zimmer, but they are all so awesome.

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