Happy Birthday iPups!

It is the FOURTH birthday of our wonderful iPups.

Happy Birthday TAG!

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Happy Birthday Nikko J!

Happy Birthday George!

Happy Birthday Kidd!

Happy Birthday Ava!

Happy Birthday Scarlett!

Happy Birthday Sparkle!

Meanwhile in Missoula...

Two weeks on the road and we are still having fun! Today Kaya earned her CD...

And that gives her a BMDCA Working Dog award :) How awesome is that??!!!

Sparkle came in season today and so no obedience for her. Bummer!! But she was Best of Opposite for more points towards her Bronze Grand Championship so that was good. Zoey had the day off. But guess who came to visit?!

Although only 35 minutes from home, I am staying at the show site -- here is the view from my RV towards Aysha...

I don't want this trip to end!


by CA Heidi on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 18:11

It's so nice to see all the iPups doing so well. Here's to many more great years. And my goodness! Can Miss Berkeley get any cuter?!?


by Lori S. on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 19:44

We always say that George and Nikko are mirror twins but wow, that picture of Kidd looks so much like George!
And Berkeley with you.....OMG ❤

by Kathy L on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 19:53

How wonderful all the Ipups look! Happy Birthday. And Berkeley is beautiful.

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