Day 13: Missoula

Morning in Missoula...

A look at our compound...

Fun Fact: Obedience is held in the building that Galen and Bethany used for their wedding reception!

The dogs were not the only ones to make the trip with us...

Showing dogs in (from?) an RV is a whole difference experience. It is much more relaxed and just easier. Dogs spend less time in crates or xpens (unless a dog is in an RV with a handler -- Holy Crate Prison) and you just feel like you are going easily from "home" to show ring and back. Having food and clothes and etc. all close at hand is also very, very nice. 

Disadvantages -- RV's do not fit easily at the Starbucks drive-thru. In fact, they do not fit easily in many places, and that is limiting. I never thought I would say this but thank heavens for WalMart and their BIG, RV-friendly parking lots. And because the RV is not really nimble, I missed so many wonderful photos in my travels through Montana. 

We show today and tomorrow, and then we are done. Last night Aysha and I were discussing how much fun we have had -- after two weeks on the road with a total of seven dogs, two sheep (see above), five locations, and no Starbucks - well, that says something, doesn't it?


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by CA Heidi :-) on Mon, 06/26/2017 - 17:01

It has been fun to stow away with you ladies and watch as you have progressed. Michael and I have been mulling over a RV trip, so I will look forward to hearing from you about that -- we were actually thinking about another Montana jaunt in one! Maybe the suburban is the right vehicle; plenty of room but still able to park, and then hotels to sleep? All opinions welcome. We definitely want to bring Bravo.

But best of all, and even more important than ribbons (though those are of course very special), is the fun you had and the memories you made. Irreplaceable. <3

Happy trails!


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