Day 14 of Shows: Missoula UPDATED

I have been gone for a total of 17 days now and I am not sick of it yet. But alas -- all good things must end (bad ones, too and thank goodness for that); today is the last day of shows. Even the dogs are still happy...

Nature or nurture? Sparkle...


Sparkle picked up three more points yesterday and Zoey missed a utility leg by about eight feet -- her first go out was short but the second one was perfect.


But I know this -- someday I will give anything to flunk utility again with this dog, and that provides the all important perspective when I go in the ring with her. No matter what happens in an obedience ring with Zoey, she is perfection.


Hold onto to your pantyhose, Peeps -- this was a big day!

Zoey finished her UD and did it beautifully!!!! That makes her a VCD 3 -- amazing! Sparkle was Best of Opposite and baby Tika was RESERVE!!!!!

What a way to end the circuit.


by Lori S. on Tue, 06/27/2017 - 10:10

I would offer up Ruthie as a control but she could be learning from George. Whatever, it all goes back to Zoey.
I'm so glad your trip has been fun and successful. Lucky is a wonderful addition to the family.

by Kay on Tue, 06/27/2017 - 16:17

Big congrats to all for a wonderful Kaibab day! Zoey, you are truly amazing!

by Kathy L on Wed, 06/28/2017 - 06:54

Wow what a show. I am most impressed with Zoey's UD. Unless you have tried for that illusive title, you can't fully appreciate what an accomplishment for both dog and handler. Just so proud of the whole Kaibab team!

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