When Normal is Extraordinary

Claire takes her job as an alarm clock quite seriously. Within minutes of about 5:15 she starts jumping up and down in her x-pen located in a corner of our bedroom. She doesn't bark -- she just bounces. And so we are always up to greet the dawn.

Not Dear Husband, of course -- the man sleeps through anything and thinks waking up at 9 is much too early.

It has been beastly hot here in Montana -- 101 yesterday! And so getting up early is the only way to get things done since the heat causes us to huddle around the air conditioner for most of the day. Kay and Sue are likely laughing, thinking 101 sounds like wear-a-sweater weather! But for us 101 feels like a preview of Hell. All about perspective :)

In the morning, the puppies get bones so I have peace and quiet for a bit -- this is Tika...

...and Claire...

Zoey joined the chewing party this morning as well.

Zoey continues to do just fine -- if we had not done advanced testing to confirm her diagnosis, I would think we were doing chemo on a perfectly healthy dog.

The protocol for Lymphoma is four weekly treatments and then a week off, repeating for two cycles and then another two cycles that are spaced farther apart for a total treatment time of 25 weeks. I have just learned of a b-cell Lymphoma vaccine that may be available once the 25-week protocol is done -- I will be looking into that for sure.

With the Utility Dog title done, I have reflected on what Zoey might want to do -- besides chase her balls with feet, of course. Zoey does not seem to be a dog to just retire -- she loves her work.

And so Zoey is going back to agility! Not the regular classes, which I think would be too much but rather to the FAST class, which will allow me to control the course we do. And Zoey will draft and we may do more obedience as well -- in other words, Normal Life continues for Zoey.

I hope your Normal Life is wonderful today!


by Kathy L on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 09:00

So thrilled Zoey is doing so well! She continues to amaze. Is the lymphoma vaccine something all dogs could receive or just those who have had lymphoma?

by Kay on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 09:57

Yes, we have our sweaters ready in case it gets down to 101 degrees. As they say, at least we don't have to shovel the sunshine. So glad amazing Zoey is doing well :)

by CA Heidi :-) on Thu, 07/13/2017 - 13:12

Yay for Zoey!!! Cheers, and sparklers and maybe a parade? We want her chasing balls with feet for a long, long time.


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