Happy TENTH Birthday! (UPDATED)

Today is a very special birthday! The E for East Litter is TEN. There were six in that litter and three are celebrating their birthday on earth today.

Here is Levi the day I met Erin and her wonderful mom in Reno to deliver him to their family...

...and Levi now...

Erin sends this report: Levi is still our loyal and loving companion.  He continues to be really healthy, although we had a little scare recently with him not being able to get up or stand. We took him to the vet, and the X-rays revealed a hip that is only 30% in its socket, in addition to some arthritis.  After a round of anti-inflammatories and a pain med, he’s doing much better and is back to taking daily walks that are now just shorter and slower . That experience, while not a big deal on the scale of crappy Berner health issues, was still a jolt.  Levi just doesn’t seem 10…and up to that day I’d always been able to push away any thoughts of his mortality (I’m pretty good at denial).  I now find myself consciously appreciating each day with him and wanting him to feel loved and cherished every moment he’s still with us.  I won’t lie, I’m terrified of the day he will leave us…it will bring all of us (Matt, our 3 boys and me) to our knees.  But thankfully, through this blog, I know we will eventually be ok.  So, for now, we are loving him with all our hearts every single day and are so grateful he’s been part of our family for the last 10 years!  

Thank you to Erin and her family for giving Levi a well-loved ten years. heart

Jemie lives with Sharon in St. Louis...

Jemie is being treated for Lymphoma but Sharon shares that he is eating and active and feeling well -- let's hope for a long remission for Jemie! Sharon also had a B Litter dog and I so appreciate the wonderful life she has provided for Jemie, and previously -- for Luna. Thank you, Sharon. heart

Lucy is doing well -- Peggy shares, "she's still a gorgeous loving companion. She is slowing down, just short walks when it's cool. She's still gets very excited if we use the word "walk" but she often goes a couple blocks and stops until you turn around. She's salt and pepper now!  We still gave lots of people stop to admire and pet her. She loves everyone especially the grandkids."

Thank you to Peggy and her family for giving Lucy such a terrific life :)

We celebrate Levi, Jemie and Lucy even as we remember and miss Asia, Kjus, and Aspen. Happy Birthday to that wonderful litter -- wherever they may be.



by Maddie's Mommy on Sat, 07/22/2017 - 09:17

Wishing all the Elite E-Litters a Happy Birthday today, and happy days all through the year. (And oh, Levi's look as he rests his head on Dad's shoulder--Pure Love wrapped in fur!)

by keli on Sat, 07/22/2017 - 14:26

So enjoy these beauties! My Trinity would have turned 10 this Thursday, but she made it to 9 years and 3 months, and i am grateful for every single day. Cheers to your BernerBabies!

by Sasse - gramma ... on Sat, 07/22/2017 - 18:50

Yes, Mary-Ann, what a special day that was, meeting you and picking up Levi in Reno. The best word I can use to describe Levi all these years is LOVE! When I would drop by the Walker/Dunivin house I was always greeted with barks and kisses (from Levi, not my grandsons). I would often dress for the occasion so that we could cuddle together on the floor, just rolling around and hugging one another (Levi and me, not my grandsons and me) As I write this, I think I may have paid more visits to Levi than my grandsons. Hmmmmmmm? Anyway, I am so grateful for you as a breeder and the fact that through you the entire family has had LOVE from Levi for all these years. Sincerely, Sasse ( Erin's mom)

by CA Heidi :-) on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 18:53

That is sure a beautiful number!!! Happy tenth, and here is to many more!



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