I am not sure why but this year I have really noticed how people enjoy their summer. Maybe it is living in Montana where people come to vacation, or maybe it is seeing all the bike riders on our local (amazing!) bike path as they live a dream and cycle across the US, or maybe it is all the people enjoying the lakes and rivers. Whatever it is -- I am really struck by the reality that summer is like the year's recess period, and people are definitely enjoying themselves.

And so are the dogs - this is Maddie (F Litter) and a friend at tea...

Tika says, "who needs tea when you have PINE CONES!?"

But summer doesn't mean that Secret Santa takes a break -- last week I received a wonderful surprise from Secret Santa! It was too perfect because I had just been alerted to donut lights I had to have for Lucky (the RV) and the Secret Santa presents matched perfectly...

Isn't that super fun? I have THREE strings of donut lights and now I have accessories to match - THANK YOU Secret Santa! But I sure hope that red suit is not TOO hot.

What are you doing for the annual three-month recess? I hope it is super fun -- send photos!


by S. Santa on Tue, 07/25/2017 - 18:32

It is hot in Santa's normal winter apparel, but Santa knows how to keep cool during the summer....hang out where the Berners are (in the shade, on the ceramic tile, in the water, etc.).

Santa is always happy when recipients like their surprises, and really, who doesn't like to get presents?

by CA Heidi :-) on Wed, 07/26/2017 - 12:05

It's been hot for Northern California, but we have adapted -- we take an early morning walk, when the day is soft and new, and then another one in the evening after dinner, when the day is closing, and is warm, but soft again. It's a lovely way to set some bookends on the day.

Your summer looks wonderful, especially with the addition of Christmas in July. I got a bug up my fanny for another Thanksgiving in July, and we did that a couple weeks ago. Maybe it's catching, these winter holidays making summer appearances.


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