Micro(wave) Training

The microwave goes on and the tiny training sessions start -- it is amazing how much can be accomplished in 60 seconds! An example...

Sparkle brings a lion from her recent foray to Africa

Her reward? A chance to hold her new dumbbell, which is hanging out on top of the microwave exactly for these sessions...

Holding the dumbbell is what earns the cookie. But think about it -- Sparkle initiated the micro(wave) training session, and her reward for the lion behavior was the chance to practice another behavior (dumbbell). Consider what that all means in terms of attitude and choice and etc. and how those good things will transfer to the obedience ring.

Baby steps.


Zoey returned to agility today -- she competed in the Open FAST class and had a BEAUTIFUL first place run. It was so fun to be showing her in agility again :)

Meanwhile in New England, Zoey's son Tristan (iPups) went Best of Breed for a major -- he is closing in on that Grand Championship. Congratulations to Team Tristan!

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by CA Heidi on Sun, 08/06/2017 - 20:42

When someone is described as an opportunist, it's meant to be a bit of a snub, but this post clearly shows that being my an opportunist can clearly be a very good training idea. I love it.


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