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Our very own Junior Heintzbergers are featured on a magazine cover!

Isn't it fun to see how big the K-Kids are getting? And that is Heidi from the H Moon Litter and Mika, one of the Glitterati. I wonder if we could get autographed copies??? Thanks for sending that along, John -- highly unusual and FUN to see the whole family in one place :)

Yesterday was the local VST/TDU Tracking Test -- I worked it this year rather than enter. Some observations and Notes to Tracking Self. First, it is STUNNING how often people fail their dog by not reading (or trusting) their non-verbal communication ("this way"). I have done this, of course! But less with experience -- and watching other people make this mistake is a wonderful lesson/reminder.

Second, when a handler thinks the track goes one direction and not the other, it is clear to even the humans who are watching. Dog indicates correct direction and handler says through the line, "Really?! I don't think so." Dog tries the other direction - the one the handler thinks is correct and the tracking line says, "GREAT -- GO!" The result is the disqualifying whistle -- and a lesson to the dog that she shouldn't actually follow the correct track. UGH.

Third, knowing the rules is super important. While humans need to trust the dog, if you know a track cannot go into a wall then you can handle accordingly.

I am looking forward to tracking season, which for me starts when we have snow and then into Spring. At the moment it is Draft Season and I am thrilled to report that Harper B for Back to Work has received the green light to start pulling the (unloaded) cart. I am not sure we can do it but I am aiming to have her ready for the fantastic two-day draft test in Helena late next month. If you are looking for draft tests, put that one on your calendar because it is amazingly awesome and held on the same great site as a four-day conformation/obedience show.




by CA Heidi : on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 13:42

Look at this lovely family :-) A good antidote to all the sad things we see online these days.


by BarbZ on Wed, 08/16/2017 - 19:49

Love this picture- Hi Heintzbergers !!

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