No Shouldn't Need an Exclamation Mark.

Harper B recently had occasion to learn about the very unfortunate propensity of others to not take NO for an answer. And who knew that even in dogs, people have the very mistaken idea that females are responsible for male behavior. It went down like this...

Young male dog in Harper B for Back Off's face. She says, "Not Interested."

Boy becomes more insistent. Harper moved away and I backed up with her.

Boy followed and became more insistent.

Harper B for Bad Language said, "Get the %$#@ away from  me!" 

Boy Owner praises Harper for putting the B for Blasted Boy in his place.

Guess what, Owners (and Parents) of Males?! It is not the female's job to teach manners to your boy -- that is YOUR JOB. Further, some of us do not appreciate our girls rehearsing bad language in an effort to avoid the attentions of YOUR poorly trained/handled male.

Recently, I have been so struck by the multiple ways in daily life that people (and dogs) simply do not respect the boundaries of others. And make no mistake about it -- when someone says, "no" and another persists, that is 110% lack of respect. 

So please -- make your dog's manners your responsibility. (Note: Applies to children as well). Sometimes your Village doesn't want to do your job. 

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