Birthday Eve Thoughts

Old dog birthdays on the blog are bittersweet. I was/am SO glad that some of the E for East Litter turned ten in July, even as my heart ached because my beloved Asia wasn't one of them. That is the reality of these significant birthdays -- our celebration and joy for those who remain co-exist with a certain sorrow for those who were not so lucky. 

And yes, there is so much luck to old age in Bernese Mountain Dogs -- if you think otherwise, you are engaging in magical thinking. I wish there were a single thing we could all do to ensure longevity -- feed the right food, dance under the right full moon, say the right prayers -- but really all we can do is stack the genetic deck, provide our best care, and wear our Lucky Socks.

All of the F Litter turned eight last year but we lost four of them over the course of the year -- we will remember Zed, Maya, Faith, and Homer tomorrow even as we will celebrate the ones who are lucky enough to have stayed. 

Grief does not require that we forgo all that is left to celebrate.

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by CA Heidi :-) on Sat, 09/02/2017 - 17:53

We pause for minute to reflect on all the days, hours and minutes of love a litter brings so so many families. So are still loved Here, and some are loved from There, but no matter what, there is so much love when life is loved with dogs. <3


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