More B-day Fun & Claire Update

I love this photo from Lucas (Sparklers)...

Thank you, Kay and Sue -- and I know we all send good wishes to Kay on her continued recovery from her broken arm.

This seems like an excellent time for a Sparkler update! Please send my way :)

Claire continues to grow and is now the tallest dog in our house! If measured accurately, I bet she is 24.25 inches at the moment. I do not think she will go over 25 inches at adulthood and since some additional height was what I wanted in the breeding, I am not complaining at all -- just observing (and hoping she stops growing soon ;).

When I was at the Specialty, a long-time breeder I respect was discussing puppies with me, and she observed that 4 - 5 month puppies often get loose eyes and long ears until their heads fill out. I was glad she said that or I would be worried about Claire's eyes, which did indeed start to appear loose at times -- the lids, not the actual eyeballs! Claire will always have slightly long ears, her gift from Zoey, but her sometimes loose-appearing eyes should tighten back up once her head catches up with the rest of her.

Claire LOVES to bound into the room with treasures -- this was one of the treasures from this morning...

We have beauty pageant shows in September, and although in the Super Model stage (tall, skinny, long legs), Claire will make her official debut. At this point, her training is mostly about how to be a show dog but once the snow starts we will get going on tracking. And of course, she trained herself (or me!) about retrieving.

Zoey, Claire, and Harper B for Being with the Fam...

To be continued - and please send those Sparkler updates :)

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