Sparkler Updates: Tika and Kiri

Good Morning from Butte, Montana where I have spent the past two nights for the Board of Regents meeting. What is the Board of Regents? It is basically the school board for a university system, and I attend these meetings as Chair of the University of Montana's Faculty Senate. So here I am.

Later this morning we (the Faculty Senate Chair-elect and I) will drive back to Missoula. I will dash in to Favorite Auntie's office to borrow an extra show collar, drive home and quickly pack my van with stuff and two dogs before heading south to Utah.

The reason this all has to be quick is because after a long hot summer that has set the state afire -- and on the very day I am to drive over mountain passes --  we have a Winter Weather Advisory for above 6,000 feet starting later today. sigh.

But before all that -- Sparkler Updates! Because I wasn't able to post yesterday, let's have two today and you can see if you sense any similarities.

Aysha sends us this update:

"Miss Tika T, baby girl, counter surfer extraordinaire, lover of mud puddles and stinky shoes, friend to no carpet is almost 9 months old!!

Wow, where has the time gone? She's huge! Where has the puppy gone?!? It's right there in her smile and her bounce. Tika is the biggest puppy we've ever had. Her exuberance for every minute of every day is infectious.

Tika loves to play in the river. Of course it is never just a walk or a swim with Tika, it is gigantic bounding jumps and splashes.

She loves to run around the yard as fast as she can (hint: this is really really fast!), but she can never quite figure out whether she is the chaser or the chasee or even who is playing the game.

She loves ALL THE FOODS!! Seriously, absolutely all the foods. Luckily she now recognizes the difference between clothes and food. Well, she still does like to suck on stinky shoes, but wet is a big improvement from gone.

Unfortunately she and her brother have taken a strong disliking (passionate love?) to the carpet in the living room and have already removed one corner. They clearly feel my taste in floor coverings is (excellent) leaving something to be desired. They will tell you earnestly that this is a horrible attack on their spotless characters and that they would never ever do such a thing. They are not to be trusted, they will lift your wallet and spend a wild weekend in Rio de Janeiro if you turn your back for 2 seconds.

We have a house full of loud bangs and broken dishes and laughter and joy and Tika the Terror is to thank for most of it. I wouldn't change a thing!

Thank you, Aysha, for appreciating Hurrican Tika ;)

And now let's catch up with Miss Kiri -- Alison shares: 

"Ms Kiri Wiggle lulled us into complacency for a few weeks then . . .  pillow corners began to disappear again as did melon rinds from the kitchen sink and other odds and ends from the kitchen counters. Yikes!  She's in another serious chewing phase. The feet disappeared from her ball with feet last week.  I constantly seek out extra sturdy chew toys for her. Found a great new bouncy one that she loves to retrieve.

Mornings are Kiri's power time.  She races through the yard, buzzing both boys, looping into the woods and back, tongue lolling and a grin on her face.  By evening she slows down and settles at my feet (I love puppy warmed feet) or lap cuddle when I slide down to join her.  Ahhhh, euphoria.

Kiri is smart, smart, smart, learning task after task with lightening speed.  She hasn't yet wrapped her head around the concept that some things, details especially, are learned more easily when slowed down.  Oh no, not Ms Wiggle.  She'll offer behaviors at lightening speed.  Blink and you've missed the one you're trying to capture.  So much fun to share learning time with Kiri, because, if nothing else, she loves to learn.

I laugh about the differences between Kiri and her Uncle Tristan. Tris hates carrying metal dishes and Kiri embraced that game as a tiny tot, flinging Tumbie's large dish about the kitchen, reveling in the crashing din.  Now I often have to search the house for at least one dish each mealtime.  Kiri's happy to help return it for filling.  Soon I hope to be able to simply send her on dish quest alone.

She still considers Tristan to be her own private, interactive chew toy.  The new crop of acorns are haute cuisine. Kiri is racing to embrace New England Fall with total joy. Time for a walk!

Thank you, Alison, for providing Kiri with such enriched environment as to include a chewable Funcle Tristan ;)

Have a Happy Thursday!


by Kay on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 08:41

Thanks for sharing the descriptions and nice pics of your girls. I recognize most of the same behaviors in their brother. The Sparkler pups are such fun to live with.

by CA Heidi :-) on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 14:19

This group of Sparkler Girls is one to watch! All seem to be brave, curious, sassy, smart, and oh-so-outgoing. That's fun to see! (maybe less fun to clean up after)

Thanks for sharing the laughs and head smacks that make up puppyhood.


by Kathy L on Thu, 09/14/2017 - 20:33

What fun updates. This is a litter of very exuberant pups. Zimmer also loves to carry the metal dishes all over clanging and banging. I have to hunt everywhere for them at feeding time. And he likes chewing the ends off pillows too. I'm sure he would join Tika chewing up the carpet but we have wood floors. He has figured out how to flip my rugs over and chew the backing off though. Toys right now are also out of the question except for heavy duty ones that really cannot be torn up. It is so interesting to see the similarities in this litter. They are all smart and fun and challenging!

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