The Quiet Whispering of Vindication & Related Show News

From the show in Utah over the weekend - photos by Elizabethanne and commentary/opinions/thoughts by me...

Claire won the Bred-by class twice and was Reserve on the last day, which reflects that she was getting the hang of things a bit more each day but she is definitely a lively, bouncy girl...

A rare look when things were sort of in the right places ;)

Since Claire is only eight months old, I could have shown her in the puppy class but I elected to put her in the Bred-by Exhibitor class instead. Why? Because in order to be a Bred-by Champion, all points must come from the Bred-by class. While I recognize Claire is young and immature and doesn't quite get the game, I also recognize that she is a very nice girl with exceptionally pretty movement -- I "worry" that a judge might give her points from the puppy class and that would ruin the Bred-by Champion thing. Therefore, we took the rodeo that is Claire to the Bred-by class.

Showing Sparkle is easy peasy -- here is a dog who knows her job and does it well. She received eight points over the weekend, and is closing in on the Bronze Grand Championship.

Showing in the conformation ring is a performance event, and requires training and conditioning just like any other working event. It is painfully obvious when owners do not understand that and I feel sorry for their dogs. What is it like for you to be thrust into a performance situation without preparation or understanding of expectations? STRESSFUL. And the last thing we should want is a dog who is stressed in show situations.

I showed Kidd in Bred-by -- he was Reserve twice...

Yes, someone with an ax to grind suggested Team Kidd was under AKC investigation. Hogwash. His vasectomy was being considered because the AKC did not have a vasectomy rule. The details of how it was resolved do not matter -- suffice it to say that I do not show dogs against rules and neither does Marti. The person who attacked us and spread rumors lies after Marti reported her for cheating was sanctioned and fined by the AKC for her behavior -- and I showed Kidd at an AKC show. That really says all that needs to be said about all that. Contact Marti if your curious mind needs more details.

Have a really awesome Tuesday! And be nice out there -- somebody really needs a nice person to come through their day.

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by CA Heidi :-) on Tue, 09/19/2017 - 13:32

I'm glad to hear that Claire is coming along (no surprise there), and that the issue surrounding Kidd has been, for the most part, resolved.

I agree about spreading some kindness around today -- the world needs it so very much,and your contribution counts.


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