Fun with Friends & Who Turned Out the Lights?!

Our Dear Friend Joan of Rainey (Glitterati) and Bella (B Litter) fame decided she was ready to welcome a new family member. I think that is such a testament to LOVE -- that a dog brought so much joy as to make the broken heart just one piece of the story, and not The End.

"I can't do that again" certainly reflects an understandable desire to avoid deep sorrow but it also suggests that the dog wasn't worth it somehow, and that makes me sad (even as I respect that people have a right to feel as they do). I want every dog to live with someone who thinks the dog is worth the sorrow, if that makes sense. 

And so I am happy to be reminded that Bella and Rainey were worth every tear -- Joan wanted a new Berner puppy! A disadvantage of Limited Edition Breeding is that I do not have a ready supply of puppies but luckily I have friends. Joan said "puppy" and I thought "SHARON."

That went well :)

Little Anonymous is now happily at home with Joan and her Dear Husband -- CONGRATULATIONS to them and also to Sharon Montville, who can sleep easy knowing that puppy is in an absolutely perfect home. Joan has promised us updates :)

And speaking of perfect homes -- Congratulations to Team Holden Squeaker (H Moon Litter) on earning the Draft Dog title over the weekend!

I am super proud of Holden and Toby -- they continue to have such an incredible adventure together :)

The weekend was also good for Team Tristan (iPup) -- he is now just one three-point major away from his Grand Championship. Alison also shares that Kiri (Sparkler) is now Kiri Cantalope, named such for grabbing and eating an entire cantalope. OOPS. Counters are not safe with Sparklers around! 

This is a photo from this morning...

Zoey is doing just fine BUT woke up unable to see :( She is otherwise normal and happy - just bumping into things. Of course I am worried but at this point I am hoping it is a chemo side effect. We will see her veterinarian today and it just so happens there is a veterinary eye doc in Helena at the show this weekend so we will see him as well. Scary and stressful -- and she is worth every single second of those unpleasant states.

Have a BRIGHT Day.


Zoey has low platelets and as a result, some bleeding issues in her eyes; this is likely a chemotherapy side effect. Her right eye has a partially detached retina but her sight is back to some extent in her left eye. Meds started and she feels fine so that is the good news.


by CA Heidi on Wed, 09/20/2017 - 18:38

Oh my goodness! I am so glad Zoey has some sight back, but I can only imagine how stressful and upsetting this is. I am sending lots of love and guiding little soldiers to be with her. I love that Karma came in to snuggle -- animals know what to do.

Congrats to Joan on her new puppy! Sharon is amazing and I am certain that this match is one that will be a love story to watch.



by Maddie's Mommy on Wed, 09/20/2017 - 22:14

I understand that in these cases it may take some time for the blood to reabsorb, but that as it does vision can return. We'll keep our best thoughts (and Little Soldiers) headed your way, and know that Zoey is comfortable and happy in your care.

Meanwhile, Great Aunt Maddie sends her best to Kiri Cantaloupe--apparently the taste for fruit runs in the family. We have a similar situation here with our pear harvest in full swing. Pears, especially delicious plucked from the tree, have a surprising number of calories and Maddie is now on a diet, although she's amazingly regular.

by SharonM on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 11:53

Joan's puppy is now Wesley. I can't begin to thank Mary-Ann enough, for sending Joan to me. Sending a puppy to live out of state can be scary - but in this case, I have no worries. From the moment I spoke with Joan, there were all sorts of signs that this was a match...Wesley and Joan's husband have the same birthday! Joan has family here in Colorado Springs so it's not quite as "far" and I know there will be opportunities to get together. And Joan also owns a Lippizaner mare Gita - I don't have horses anymore, but they were a big part of my life for many years. It was interesting - 3 of the 4 puppies I placed in this litter went to homes who had lost a Berner within the past 6 months. And for me, Millie's puppies were born about a year after my week of sadness in 2016, when I lost both Mystic and Hannah to lymphoma. So, it is interesting how everything fits into place.

And Zoey...hoping her platelets rebound soon, fighting lymphoma tends to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and I'm praying she'll be on an upswing soon!

by joan on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 11:51

Thanks to both Sharon and Mary-Ann! Wesley is a smart and fun puppy. he already sits at front, lures to down and finish, and is a good little follower. He can wait in sit for a few seconds, and wait for me to take 2 steps backward and return. He taught himself to sit to wait for the food dish to arrive, albeit after some leaping and spinning! And he and Frankie the 20 year old kitty are sharing a bed now. He can also get to the kitty food dish through the tiniest crack in the bathroom door, faster than lightening! We're working on Leave it! now, which will come in handy to give Frankie a break from exuberant puppy love.

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