Yesterday Sparkle was Best of Opposite for five more points; Claire was Reserve to a major! Pretty cool.

And in true dog show fashion -- nothing today. The judge did say, "This is a lovely puppy" about Claire so there is that. But our zero-point day means a GREAT day for someone else, and I do believe in sharing :)

Zoey -- some vision is back when it is light, and she feels just fine.

Sparkle needs eight points for her Bronze Grand Championship -- think good thoughts for the next two days!

I hope your day is going well -- it is snowing here. Good-bye Fire Season!

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by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 09/22/2017 - 17:59

Oh, so glad to know your terrible fire season seems to finally be at an end. How scary and anxious it has been!

I am so thankful to know Zoey has some sight. Hopefully as her platelets return, the optic bleeding will subside and heal, and she will regain more sight back.

Claire is indeed a lovely puppy, and her days of success will be many, I am positive. Yay for Sparkle!!!


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