Sparkler Update: Ruthie

I am delighted to share this fun update about Ruthie: "Miss Ruthie, it seems, will retain her nickname of Lil' Bitty - she is 23 inches and 61 lbs. Such a charming little pixie, just the right mix of wickedly smart, sweet, cuddly, comical and naughty.

We have been going to handling classes weekly and Ruthie has taken to it like a duck to water. During the exam she holds her position like a pro, with her tail wagging the whole time. I ask her to stand and she free stacks. The instructor tells me not to touch her because most of the time she gets it right on her own.  Good thing because I need LOTS of work.
Harnessing Ruthie's, ahem, enthusiasm at mealtime continues to be a work in progress, slow progress but progress nonetheless. (She's bonkers). It seems she's read all the books and her response is "Oh yeah! Wanna bet?"
All manner of cloth bedding and toys are off limits. My living room rug looks like we have a giant moth problem and pillows have no chance. Counters? HA! Thank goodness she can't quite make it to the far reaches of them but her bounce gets her closer. And Tristan, brother George feels your pain. He has the scabs on his neck to prove it.
There is the tiniest bit of silver puppy fur left on the back of Ruthie's head and when she crawls into my lap she still likes to suck my thumb. It doesn't get better than that!"
Could she be any cuter?! Answer: NO. Thank you, Lori -- good thing you have a sense of humor and PATIENCE ;)


by Kathy L on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 07:21

What s ball of fire! I recognize so much of Zimmer in her. Poor Zimmer has few toys. I found a water buffalo horn at our natural pet food store. It is havy and thick and Zimmer loves it. it really has helped with his chewing inappropriate things. It keeps him busy. Worth a try??

by CA Heidi :-) on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 16:56

These puppies are such a brave and boisterous bunch -- not a shrinking violet among them. It is wonderful seeing them all thriving with their people.


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