A Puppy Kind of Day

Good Morning from Western Montana where autumn has settled in with a nice thud. The sky is blue, the air is crisp, and the fall colors are lovely. Best of all? NO SMOKE.

Kay reports much gladness down in Arizona because the hot summer is just about over -- she also sends along this photo of Puppy Lucas (Sparkler) and Ruben (Glitterati)...

Thank you, Kay! 

As we all look ahead to the winter, you might consider putting the Arizona Regional Specialty on your calendar -- February 1 followed by four more days of shows. We are planning on it.

We have our first update from Alex and Sage!

You may recall that Sage is the puppy that Alex welcomed following Mesa's (H Moon Litter) untimely and devastating death. Little Miss Sage is doing her job -- soaking up the sadness and making things happy again. GOOD JOB, Sage! Here is Alex's report:

"We've had Sage for just over a month and she's really starting to settle in.  The big dogs weren't sure if we really needed her around at first, but they're accepting her now and even playing with her when no one's looking. 

(Editor's Note: That is Sage with Cooper from the Glitterati)

She's learning really fast and has solid sits, downs and comes because she's really in to food.  Potty training has been a bit of a challenge, but she's always slept all night so that more than makes up for the trips outside every 15 minutes.

Sage has helped us deal a bit with the loss of Mesa.  She's a happy, fun girl who demands attention and play and has been a really positive addition to our family.  She's really helped us transition from all the sadness we felt in remembering Mesa to really being able to remember her with more happy thoughts.  And it's nice to know that they're distantly related."

Thank you, Alex -- Sage is adorable. We love puppy updates and happy beginnings :)

And speaking of puppies, we are starting to explore Mr. Right for our next litter. Sparkle will be bred in early 2018 for a hopefully late Spring litter. Sparklers 2.0 I suppose!

More on puppies -- this time the human puppy. Check out this Sleepyhead...

Happy Saturday to you and yours :)

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by CA Heidi :-) on Sat, 10/07/2017 - 18:12

Nice to see good updates. Puppies, human and otherwise, sure do keep us moving forward, and that is great.

Sparklers 2.0!!! Oh my goodness, where are you, Mr. Right?!?!?


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