A Birthday!

How can it be that the H Moon Litter is SIX already?! Over the next few days we will celebrate their special day even as we remember Mesa, who was denied this birthday by cruel randomness of fate. Happy Birthday to Mesa at the Rainbow Bridge, where all dogs eat chocolate cake with rainbow sprinkles on their birthday -- because they can.

Let's start this birthday with an update from Barbz about Zimmerman Zeke...

"OMD! How can he be six already?  

Zeke is enjoying very good health. He takes only a probiotic and Dasuquin.  He occasionally has a little stiffness in his right shoulder that was diagnosed as mild arthritis on xray. I have been giving him CBD oil and a rare Rimadyl or Tramadol if he seems stiff. Usually I can only notice it when he first gets up in the morning. It doesn't keep him from jumping on the bed to sleep. He had a complete check up a few months ago. 
He stays busy guarding the property from deer, horses and loose dogs.  He leaves the rabbits and squirrels to his sisters.  He loves to go for walks, car rides or anywhere with his dad- Big "R" is their favorite.  He is super sweet and loving to his people.  He likes to think he is in charge of all the women around here but I think it might be the other way around.
He is such a big sweetheart and acts like a goofy puppy.  I hope he has many more years of being our "Big Boy.""
Thank you, Barbz! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ZZeke and the rest of the H Moon Litter. I look forward to sharing birthday updates over the next few days.


by Kay on Wed, 10/11/2017 - 08:10

ZZ is looking great. Another happy and goofy Berner boy. Congratulations to the H litter and hoping for many more birthdays.

by CA Heidi :-) on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 15:15

What a lovely boy he is. He's a joy to behold. Here's to many more years of love and joy.


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