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No internet in Boise certainly made it hard to get things done -- in the work/blog/email department that is. We got a lot done in the show ring! But before we launch into a recap, we need to wrap up the H Moon Birthday Celebration.

Lois sent wonderful photos of Auggie and I especially liked this description/photo: "Here we are on our pre-birthday walk in the woods yesterday.  This was just before he launched at that bush right in front of him.  Auggie has this bizarre little habit of beating up bushes as if they have done him wrong!  Certain shrubs…not all but some, are randomly launched on.  He’ll rub on them then lay on them and sometimes roll right over or off of them.  He’s not picky.  Sagebrush is his usual target but scotch broom and neighbor’s  ornamental bushes certainly are not off limits."

Another look at Auggie -- I am really struck by the maturity we see at age six!

Thank you Lois and Paul for giving Auggie such a grand life :)

John sends us this update: 

"Pictures are amazing in that they allow our memory to be jogged and reminded of all the amazing things that our life adventure on Earth holds for us. Heidi came to live with us about the same time Kai was born — people thought we were crazy to have a baby and a puppy at the same time.  Little did we all know that this was just a little bit of human training for the twins that were to arrive about 18 months later.
Heidi has been the kindest and most caring dog our family could ask for — especially while raising children.  
She plays with the boys and makes sure everyone is in their proper place at bedtime, carefully checking and double checking that everyone is tucked into bed.  She is the happiest dog on the planet
and assumes good intentions from everyone she meets."
What a wonderful report -- thank you, John! We love that Heidi is helping the K-Kids grow up -- and they sure are, aren't they?!
We still need Harper B for Birthday and Miss Lainey  -- coming soon!

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by Ca Heidi :-) on Wed, 10/18/2017 - 17:55

Isn't it wonderful to see these fine dogs all living and loving well? Isn't that what we hope for in all creatures? Happy Birthday, H litter! It's been nothing but a pleasure to see you all grow with your families.


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