Object Lesson

Yesterday was an object lesson in things I wrote about in the morning's blog.

I was concerned about Zoey's eyes. She woke up blind, which was not unusual for the past few days, but her vision did not improve over the day. In fact, her eyes looked like she was getting ready for some scary Halloween thing...

By afternoon both eyes were blood red and she was blind.

#1 Trust Yourself.

I texted the vet tech who serves as the designated triage/middle person between me and the veterinarian.

Me: Eyes worse. Gums fine. 

#2 Build Your Team.

Less than two hours later, we were at the veterinarian's office.

#3 ROW

Blood work showed normal platelets so a conversation ensued about what else could be going on to cause the eye issues.

Lymphoma? Doesn't look like it.

*vet brings out blood pressure machine*

Zoey had moderately high blood pressure, and so we got a prescription for a new med.

I asked the pharmacist about side effects, and she said it could make the dog hungry and gain weight. She was a bit taken aback when I said, "THAT IS AWESOME!" Zoey weighed only 64 pounds yesterday; she should be about 74-75.

Zoey had her first dose of the blood pressure med last night. This morning she could see well enough to navigate without her Seeing Eye Human (aka me) AND she ate some before she even took her cerenia (anti-nausea).

At the moment, this is Zoey's idea of an acceptable meal:

Palliative care requires a certain flexibility and creativity -- and so if the dog wants nothing but animal crackers and chicken, so be it. 

She might think differently if she were invited to a certain someone's FIRST BIRTHDAY! Photos later.

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by CA Heidi on Wed, 10/25/2017 - 16:17

I think that you have reiterated a very important thing -- when advocating for another person or creature, TRUST YOURSELF. You have placed yourself in the team position of speaker, and it's okay to use your voice. In fact, you must. You likely know this soul and what is right for him/her better than anyone. If that means animal crackers and roast chicken, then that's the menu. <3

Thank you for sharing Zoey with us, and letting us learn from your journey together.



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