Sparklers and Lily Pads

Carol asked about Ze.D...

Holy Cuteness! Here is Ze.D and Nikko J (iPup)...

I am so grateful to all of you who keep us in photos -- thank you!!!!!

Sparkler Claire...

I need to weigh her but my guess is Claire is between 85 and 90 pounds. Our new plus-size model has arrived!

Aside from frequent trips to Boise to visit Galen and Bethany Berkeley, we are staying home for the rest of the year. But I love having things to look forward to -- one of my students once described this tendency of leaping from one "looking forward to" thing to another as a series of hopeful lily pads.

These hopeful lily pads are super helpful for many reasons. For me, those things are self-care; it just makes me happy to have things to look forward to, and being happy is a good thing. Second, knowing I am going to be leaping onto a particular lily pad sharpens my focus in preparing the dogs for whatever it is.

The upcoming lily pads have us training Harper B for Novice B obedience, and ensuring Claire stays in good shape for conformation. They include:

Lily Pad #1: Palm Springs with friends and family, January 4 - 7. We hope Nell and John will be home so we can stop on the way and visit them in Utah.

Lily Pad #2: Puyallup, Washington the next weekend -- fun with family and friends.

Lily Pad #3: Phoenix in early February for more fun with family and friends (five days of shows, including a Regional FYI!).

The shows are planned around the availability of Puppy Sweepstakes - before she ages out, I want to show Claire in sweeps. That and the Unicorn division...

Happy Sunday to you!

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by Kay on Sun, 10/29/2017 - 10:01

I also like to have lily pads in front of me only I refer to them as carrots. Maybe I'm more of a donkey than a frog. Anyway, everyone is welcome to visit us for the GCSBMDC Regional Specialty in Phoenix on February 1st. The more, the merrier!

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