Updated: A VIB (Very Important Birthday!)

A heavy-hearted but happy day -- the Glitterati are NINE. The heavy heart is for the ones we lost -- Sydney and Rainey in the past year, and Murphy before that. Why can't they stay longer?!

[Helpful Hint: Why Questions are expressions of emotions and not actually a question to be answered.]

We celebrate that five of the eight Glitterati are with us on earth. Nine is a Big Deal -- it is older than breed average. In fact, even Sydney and Rainey lived to be average/above average -- but that is no small consolation for the heartbreak of loss, I know well.  

And so today we celebrate that all of them were born -- what a happy day that was! And we wish every one of them a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, whether the celebration is here on earth or at the Rainbow Bridge.

As usual, Barbz gets the party started with pizzazz! 

Note the beaded donut theme sign! Thanks, Barbz :) Barbz shares...

Zaida the best birthday present I ever got!!  She is doing well.  She is the QUEEN around here. We respond to her every command. Up to her barking for breakfast at 5 am.  Walking her promptly at 9 am and 2 pm. And dinner as demanded at 4:30pm.  You better believe she can tell time and will not be happy until she gets what she wants :) Her atrial fibrillation is well controlled with 3 cardiac medications. Her total protein and albumin are normal and her Budesonide was decreased to 1.5mg a day.  She has gained most of the strength back in her rear leg [bad bad infection]. Enough to get on the sofa to sleep so she is happy.  She has even been pulling her empty cart with brace partner Zsa Zsa.  Gotta teach those kids everything.

She plans on celebrating her birthday with some of her loyal subjects at a Friendsgiving party thrown by her Aunt Elaine.

She is the dearest, (usually) sweetest ruler ever!!  Sending wishes for a wonderful birthday her to siblings here.  And love to those who have gone on ahead.
Thank you, Barbz -- for the update and for Zaida's awesome life heart HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAIDA!
Ruben is living his wonderful life in Arizona with Kay and Sue -- Kay sends us this report:
I'm delighted to report Ruben's health is good despite battling Valley Fever for almost 3 years. With his diet changes, supplements and acupuncture treatments, he is currently an active and happy senior. He enjoys playing rowdy games with his Sparkler puppy Lucas and is still showing occasionally in the obedience ring.
Ruben looks forward to walks in the park, barking at the FedEx man and, of course, meal time. He is probably the healthiest 9-year-old  Berner we've ever had — what a joy.
Ruben has been and continues to be fabulous and well-loved. Happy birthday to all glitterati! We are also thinking of those litter mates who are missing this birthday but have left wonderful memories.
Thank you, Kay -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBEN!
Tara lives her happy life in California with Sam and Liz - this year, Sam was in charge of the Tara update:
Tara is 9 years old!  I say that with an exclamation point because that makes her above average.  Unfortunately, Berners are a short-lived breed; so we should all celebrate when our Berner buddies start getting gray whiskers. Yay, Tara!

In her dotage, Tara enjoys two things above all others: Walks & Sleep. She can't walk as far as she used to, but she still gets excited to go outside for some fresh air.  When she's not wagging her tail outside, she enjoys catching a nap by unceremoniously collapsing on the floor, preferably in the same room as one of her humans.

Life isn't all ups though. There are some downs too. Tara was diagnosed with Histio earlier this year.  She's currently on chemo and doing well. The Histio has slowed, but cancer is a jerkface and will ultimately win. The main impact so far is to Tara's appetite. She's tried some very exotic stuff in the last few months. From baby food to Vienna sausages. Her current favorite is rotisserie chicken.  Her current least favorite thing in the world is Tylosin.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TARA and thank you so much, Sam and Liz. That smiling photo of Tara reminds all of us that life doesn't have to be perfect to be happy. I am so grateful to Sam and Liz for providing thoughtful and collaborative palliative care for Tara over the past few months -- and Zoey is happy that her suggestion of rotisserie chicken is a winner :) #teamtara


Jennifer sends us this update:

"Marielle made a tray of peanut butter pumpkin treats and wrapped one in bacon just for Cooper.  Bacon is his favorite thing.  We celebrated with a ‘one’ candle because we’re so grateful Cooper is still here and made it to a new milestone.  I honestly didn’t think he’d make it this far and although every day is a gift with a Berner, every day with Cooper is sometimes close to a miracle. 

He’s suffered with a pretty significant case of IBD and periodic pancreatitis for about three years now.  A few months ago he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and lost a toe but he’s doing very well right now.  It seems the older he gets, the better he gets!

His birthday is bittersweet because we never envisioned Cooper having a birthday without Mesa, but it was another day to celebrate memories of her too."

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER and thank you, Jennifer and family for everything  heart

John sends us this report about Birthday Girl Mika: "A very happy 9th birthday to our first born!


Mika is doing very well as a senior citizen.  She maintains her strong will and extreme intelligence.  She knows what time of day her eye drops are administered and hides in the front yard to avoid them, she never misses the sound of a ziplock bag opening, and she reminds us when each mealtime is approaching.  

She enjoys sleeping on her favorite couch in the living room, the same one since she was a puppy.  Our family refers to it as Mika’s couch.

Happy birthday to the entire G litter!!!"

Thank you to the Junior Heintzbergers for taking Mika along for the wild family ride and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKA!
I appreciate every one of the Glitterati Families for allowing us to celebrate with them -- and I especially love seeing all the kids :) 




by Mari on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 12:26

Happy Birthday to all celebrating!

3 Years a Puppy,
3 Years a Good Dog,
3 Years an Old Dog

(wishing all our Berners could reach and exceed the Swiss saying)

by Lori S. on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:15

Wonderful updates on the Glitterati on their 9th birthday.
My heart is with Rainey and Murphy's families and especially with all of Sydney's family. I know this day must be so difficult for all of you.

by Toby E on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 19:04

Holden wishes all his Aunties and Uncles the happiest of 9th birthdays, and a heartful of love to Rainey, Murphy and Mom Syd.

by Dianne on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 23:03

Happy birthday to the Glitter. Having followed this litter from the get go makes it so special to me to see so many still enjoying life. Glitter on❤️

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