SECRET SANTA (Or New Year's Elf)

Let's have some fun and do some community-building and spread some much needed Holiday Cheer! Yes indeed - it is time for...

We are inclusive and supportive so if you are not a Christmas kind of person, how about being a New Year's Elf?

It works like this -- you send a gift (fun is what matters -- not expensive!) to someone, and a completely different person sends a gift to you. It is a fun way to connect :)

To play:

1. Send your name, address, and 3 - 4 things you like to me at

2. I will send you an assignment within a few days.

3. Send a gift -- stay anonymous or include your name.

4. When your gift arrives, you are encouraged (not required) to share on the blog and/or post on Facebook.

Dogs and Humans can play!!

And so even if the end of 2017 is not going quite as planned...

...we can still end it with some fun and good cheer.

Please join us heart

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by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 12/08/2017 - 18:43



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