December 14 - how the heck has that happened?!

One thing about being a professor that is not especially fun is that end-of-the-semester grading always gets in the way of the Holidays. Every year I say it will be different NEXT year and it never is -- we do not even have a tree up! 

On top of usual stuff, I am the Chair of our Faculty Senate and it is an eventful (but positive!) time at the University of Montana -- I think the reporter at the local newspaper has my cell phone number on speed dial.

And so yes, the blog has been neglected -- my daughter is quick to remind me of this ;)

Here is a fast update...

Zoey is doing just fine -- she has now gained 14 pounds from her lowest weight, all while receiving regular chemotherapy. She is happy, enjoying her life, and chasing plenty of balls.

Harper is training for her obedience debut in early 2018, and enjoying that so much. She is fully recovered from her June TPLO, and is sound and happy to be so active again.

Sparkle continues to be the Queen of Brought Stuff...

... and is training for Open obedience but her Big Plans are for a Spring 2018 litter -- Sparkle should be in season in January or February, and will be bred.

Claire and her littermates are approaching a first birthday!!! Updates will be forthcoming, of course.

Claire is awesome. She is a smart girl who loves to learn. Here is the family this morning at one of the microwave training sessions...

Thank you to Alison for sending along fun-in-the-snow photos -- Tristan (iPup) and his niece, Kiri (Sparkler)...

Happy Thursday!



by Kay on Thu, 12/14/2017 - 07:52

Thanks for the update. Good to hear everyone is doing well. Don't worry about the tree :)

by Deborah on Thu, 12/14/2017 - 12:35

Sounds like lots of fun (except for the Faculty Senate). Excited about more Sparklers!!!

by Jennifer Z on Sun, 12/17/2017 - 15:15

All good news!

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