A Christmas Party Story

Because the end-of-the-semester is not hectic enough -- the family had a party. In Utah. 

Because my dog sitter (aka Galen) moved to Boise -- and I have Trust Issues -- all four dogs went along. The only slight issue with all this is that the party was at the one family member's house that doesn't welcome dogs inside on the brand new floors everything.

Fair enough. At least small humans were allowed!

The dogs and I spent Friday night at a Motel Six -- plus Daisy, because what's one more dog?! It was a less than a stellar experience and I confess to some resentment at imagining the other members of the family happily dogless and together while I listened to the person upstairs walk back and forth all night long at the Motel 6 -- clearly they had not met their FitBit Step Goal for the day!

But what is a family party life without some challenges tossed in?! Sleepless but trying hard to maintain a good attitude, I was walking dogs at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday to wear them out so hanging in crates wasn't quite such a hardship. I then spent Saturday morning tending this small angel while her parents enjoyed a movie...

Luckily Jake helped -- once they begin walking staggering, climbing, and grabbing, keeping babies safe really takes a staff...

We then made a quick trip for a dog romp at Kathy's -- Zimmer and Claire quickly established that they were siblings...

...and got down to the serious business of large puppy playtime...

And so did Ava and Sparkle!

Zoey wonders where Zimmer got all those adorable freckles?!

(Ahem: Halo). Thanks to Jack and Kathy for letting us come over. I wish we could have done more visits but this was a fast business trip -- the business being the family party!

Meanwhile, back at Party Central...

I had to stop to get Berkeley her own Welcome Home balloon because she was enthralled with Cynthia's...

And that is why it appears that Berkeley just got home from a Tour of Duty -- at 13 months.

And then it was time for the party to begin...

...Megan outdid herself! But do not let the elegance fool you -- this was no stuffy formal party...

Cynthia fits right in!

The Funcles...

After an amazing dinner we had games...

Galen was the WINNER!

Of course there were presents...

...and stories...

...and even a Christmas Gnome!

Galen and I tended dogs before bedtime -- they were all snug and warm in the van in the attached garage.

But still I worried about them and so at 4:00 a.m. I got up to head back to Montana -- only to discover that Zoey was not completely free of chemo side effects, as demonstrated by the condition of the driver's seat and various other parts of the van. 


Moral of this post: Shit happens but it is really just one small part of any good story.

Have a terrific Monday!




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by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 16:25

I am so glad you had a good visit, abet with some true stressors. It still looked like a lovely time. Berkeley is simply a lovely little girl. What a joy to behold.

SO sorry about chemo side effects. Hopefully the medicine is doing much good for sweet Zoey.


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