More Sparkler Birthday Fun

We start today by catching up with Jordan -- and Good Luck with that as she is FAST!

Jordan is light, lively, smart and oh so much fun.  
She loves to train and is only handicapped by her handler.  
We are so thrilled to have her in our lives and look forward to many fun adventures with this bundle of energy. 
Forever grateful to M-A, Kim, Momma Sparkle and Daddy Major.  Happy birthday to all the Sparklers!
Thank you, Dianne -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!
Kay sends us this report about Lucas:
Merry Christmas from Arizona!
Hard to believe our Sparklers are already a year old. Lucas has been super active with the coming of cool weather. He is currently loving a purple ball which he retrieves and then tries to get Micah to play ball with him. He is such a happy fellow and makes us all smile. There is no doubt that Lucas has a real enthusiasm for life.
We are not only getting ready for Christmas but are replacing most of the floors in our house at the same time which is quite a mess. Can't wait until they are done so we can plunge into the dog show season here in Arizona. 
Thank you Kay and Sue -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCAS!!!
Ashlee and Todd send us this report about Abbie...
We can’t believe our sweet Abbie is a year old.  How fast a year goes, and we can’t imagine that she hasn’t been with us all along.  She is a sweet little monkey that loves to snoogle on the sofa, rest her head on your lap or foot, sleep on her back and nuzzle  her nose in all your creases.  She also likes to put her nose up against you and just breath you in for 30 seconds or so.  There is nothing like the unconditional love of a puppy….I mean who else thinks your stinky gym arm pit is worth a 30 second “breath in”. I have also never met a dog who seems to sleep in such uncomfortable-looking positions; her new favorite spot is upside down, under the bed with the luggage and storage boxes.   
She is a little shy with strangers, but always keeps her tail wagging and oddly enough the busier/crazier/more people there are the more confident she is.  It’s like she doesn’t like the light shined on her but is fine in a crowd when she isn’t the center of attention.  She loves to help with any projects: cooking, yard work, practicing the guitar (she can actually play it with her tail)...., crib building….
We decided that her new nickname is “Abbie Underfoot” because she loves to be under your feet all the time.  And she is great at yard work…we have a large succulent that she has gnawed off two big branches just like a beaver would.  She is a little too smart for her own good….she has figured out how to lay down the back seat of our Subaru all by herself, so she can have the whole car to roam about in.  We started obedience classes and she graduated from obedience 1 on her first day and is off to obedience 2 and agility.
Happy 1st Birthday Abbie!!!  Here is to many, many more!! We can’t imagine life without you!!
Thank you Ashlee and Todd -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE!

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by Kathy L on Thu, 12/21/2017 - 08:10

Happy Birthday to Lucas and Abbie! I don’t know the other Sparklers, but I can attest that Abbie is wickedly smart and about the sweetest girl ever.

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