Even More Sparkler Birthday Fun

More Sparkler Birthday reports, starting with Kiri... 

Alison shares"Seems impossible our Kiri Wiggle is already a full year old, but here we are and loving every moment. She has been mellowing a lot in the last month but still can turn on her impishness in an instant. She always brings us all three dog bowls sometime during the day so we are fully prepared when the next meal is due.

Kiri has become more and more cuddly and is now a dedicated bed dog.  However, her arrival and departure skills are a work in progress as she has a tendency to land with a leap in the middle of the night with zero respect for bodies underfoot and then to wrestle with Tris in the morning, one on the bed, the other circling the bed.  Ouch!

We have been having a treat toy toy-a-thon.  Kiri is especially fond of the ones loaded with peanut butter in lots of nooks and crannies.  The only problem is finding a few each time I want to fill them up.  The pups clearly have secret hiding places and I am regularly to be found on my hands and knees searching under all the furniture.  Sometimes they will turn up again after days have passed while others go missing.  It's a mystery.

The cold weather has energized Kiri and Tristan and they zoom around the yard in the early morning, settling into wrestling if I go out and join them.  They are a joy to watch and can leap and pretzel in astounding athletic displays.

Just this evening (Thurs) Kiri met the Grinch at the AK9C Christmas party extravaganza, as well as many of his story time buddies.  A memorable Christmas for the first she likely remembers.  Tom suggested that maybe she remembers smelling Christmas last year.  We know she didn't see it!

Happy, happy Birthday to all her sibs!"

Thank you Alison and HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIRI!

Lori sends us this report about Ruthie...

Hard to believe the Sparklers are a year old already. Ruthie (aka RuthieRoo, Rooey, Lil'Bitty, Bittybop, Bitty) is, as Aysha put it, a small package of dynamite, like her namesake.

She is wicked smart, as sweet as they come and really pretty. Her enthusiasm for training is so strong that we seldom use treats because she gets overly excited - she happily works for praise. When meeting strangers Ruthie is a bit shy, for about 15 seconds, then it's all tail wags and nose bumps. Interestingly enough she is not at all shy in handling class or at the vet.

They say every dog comes into our lives to teach us something. Ruthie is teaching me what it's like to be a Siamese twin. She must be a part of everything I do. I've learned how to put socks on with a dog in my lap. I can't bend over without her face coming under and up to meet mine and leave nose prints on my glasses. Bathroom time is lap time. On the plus side I usually know exactly where she is and if I don't, it means she getting into trouble.

In the coming year I am planning to start formal obedience training with her along with some herding. That should be interesting.

Isn't it amazing how Mary-Ann matches puppies with people? Always the perfect match! I'm so blessed to have this little snuggle bug in my life."


Thank you Lori and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTHIE!!

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by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 12/22/2017 - 16:18

It gives me great joy to follow these sweet creatures in their journeys. Thanks for sharing with us.


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