The Z's

The Sparklers as Christmas babies...

Can you even stand the cuteness of those baby berner elves?! What a fun thing Emmy did by making those hats :)

Today we continue our birthday updates with reports on the antics of our two Z-Boys, starting with Zimmer...

"Zimmer continues to be the cutest puppy ever.  I emphasize “puppy” because he is truly still that goofy puppy.  He is the star of our group class, which includes six shelties and Zimmer.  They look at him like he is from outer space, but he is agile and wants to learn and work.  He really shines even among the little dogs.  He still chews things up, which we are hoping he outgrows.  He also grabs anything off the counter, especially papers.  He is working on obedience, nose work, and rally at the moment and enjoys it all.
We will be traveling again to San Diego for Christmas, and he is an excellent traveler and hotel guest.
We were fortunate to have Claire, Sparkle, Zoey, and Mary-Ann visit this past Saturday and Claire and Zimmer had a wonderful time playing in the snow...
We wish she and all his brothers and sisters lived close enough for a playdate every day!!  
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with hope, joy, and good health!"
Thank you so much to Kathy and Jack -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIMMER!!
And now, Ze.D -- I think he aspires to be a rapper!
"I’m Ze.D… I’m Ze.D

I am wild and crazy and a bit uncontrollable

Love my meals a lot because I’m still “growable”

I don’t mean to make my uncle’s life unbearable

Give me some time and I will be so lovable"

Thank you so much to Tony and Brody -- and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ze.D!!



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