Last but not Least: Happy Birthday Claire

Claire is the caboose in our few days of celebrating the Sparklers' first birthday. Happy Birthday to each of them, and thank you to the outstanding families who love them and keep in touch with me, and each other. We appreciate Eden Jonas and Lawrence Duncan for letting GCH Pinnacle's Josey Wales be Sparkle's Puppy Daddy -- what a wonderful litter Major and Sparkle created.

Claire is my 12th berner puppy. She has definitely benefitted from my understanding that puppies rarely become canine ax murderers even if you just let them be a puppy, and ignore all that u-no-what about pack leadership, and alpha dogs, and not letting them "get away with stuff."

That doesn't mean Claire does what she wants all the time -- she just thinks she does. It is all about shaping and guiding and creating opportunities for correct desired habits to emerge and cement, all while appreciating and understanding the Gift of This Particular Dog. After all, I wanted a puppy - not a robot. 

Claire started life as Chrome, the red-collared girl and truth be told, I expected from Day One she would be staying at my house.

And so who is Claire -- this daughter of Sparkle, granddaughter of Zoey?


Claire is confident and outgoing, always game for new adventures. Novel things, places, and experiences do not bother her.

She is kind.

Claire is respectful, kind, loving, and tries hard -- in her giant puppy way -- to be a team player.

She is S.M.A.R.T.

While working ability certainly can show up in any pedigree, Claire reflects thoughtful attention to working ability, intelligence, and drive through generations on both sides of her pedigree. It absolutely makes a difference. Claire learns quickly, loves to train and work, has plenty of drive, and yet is easy to live with -- my idea of a perfect working temperament.

But we do not breed *just* for working ability -- the challenge is to combine all the various pieces to the puzzle that is the elusive Perfect Bernese Mountain Dog. In the world of purebred dogs - yes, looks matters.

Claire was shown twice in Beginner Puppy -- she took Group 1 both times. I showed her some in the fall to get her used to the game -- she was Reserve four times, including three times to a major. Claire is a great combination of both of her lovely parents.

With a strong dose of Zoey tossed in -- ahem, the ears...
AND the retrieving genes! 
At just a year old, Claire is big and beautiful and yes -- Kaibab's Justifiably Bright. We are excited about her future, and grateful that she is part of our lives.
Happy Birthday to Claire and all of her siblings.
And thank you to everyone who let us catch up on these wonderful Sparklers -- all nine of them.
Great dogs, great Peeps -- and Great Memories...


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by CA Heidi on Sun, 12/24/2017 - 12:42

They were and are all perfect puppies. How fun it has been to watch them grow and flourish.


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