Scarlett Update & Secret Santa Love

Scarlett (iPup) is doing very well, as you can see from her Christmas photo...

The removal of Scarlett's tumor resulted in clean margins, but she is having a short course of chemotherapy -- just to be sure. As you would expect, Team Green is providing excellent and thoughtful care of Scarlett Green The Good Luck Queen.

However, two outstanding pathology departments at major universities were not able to identify what type of malignancy the tumor was -- the diagnosis is "undifferentiated." One veterinarian observed that particular diagnosis further supports the jaw birth trauma theory for the development of the tumor. We cannot know for sure, of course, and what matters most is that Scarlett is doing GREAT.

Tiffany and Scarlett received Secret Santa presents and they were perfectly timed for many reasons. Tiffany tried hard to figure out who her Extra Secret Santa was to no avail -- and I do mean Extra.

The way Secret Santa works means I cannot participate since I am not going to assign someone to be MY Secret Santa! Therefore, each year I pick someone who is not participating but who clearly needs a Secret Santa so that there is one extra person in the Secret Santa pool -- this allows me to BE a Secret Santa. No, I was not Tiffany's Secret Santa -- but I made sure to assign her to someone who was up to the special job.

Tiffany shared that one of her Christmas Highlights was "...being showered with gifts by a thoughtful & generous Secret Santa in our Bernese Mountain Dog community. Multiple beautifully wrapped packages arrived on our doorstep including delicious chocolates, a lovely angel ornament, a gator dog toy & treats for Scarlett, and running gear including super fun red & white Berner tights! A huge THANK YOU anonymous one for helping to make my Christmas so special."

Well Done, Secret Santa -- all of you.

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