Thinking About a Reset

It is that time of year again - you know, the time when we consider where we have been and where we want to go... 

Goals get a bad rap. It seems that in order to prevent a feeling of disappointment or failure, so many just do not make goals. Wow. Since when is the potential for disappointment or failure or any other human experience something we should avoid, even at the price of making meaningful progress in the direction of our dreams?

I do not think the "problem" is the goal. Rather, if there is an issue I think it is how we handle it when things do not go as planned. Some people are just so mean to themselves and so they quit before they even start, not really understanding that -- HELLO -- you are in control of whether you are mean to yourself! Maybe work on that as a goal??? 

I love goals. I love setting them and planning for them and analyzing what happened when I do not achieve them (since that informs the new goal setting process!). Without goals, I feel adrift. 

There are ways to set goals that are more productive than others, and so let's examine that over the next few days. But for now, I challenge you to consider whether meanness gets in the way of your dreams. Do you avoid goals because your Inside Self can be a real jerk?

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