Thinking About 2018 Aspirations

We are almost there! 2018 is breathing down our necks and that means it is time for New Year Aspirations/Hopes/Dreams/Wishes/Prayers -- whatever you prefer.

Just remember those grand ideas (and yes, they should be grand!) take a wee bit more than making a wish and clicking our ruby slippers, and so mapping out the journey is also part of this aspiration process. Remember that no matter where you start, you are going to have to be in some other place(s) before you finally get to Kansas! Unless, of course, you start in Kansas.


I like to think about goals or aspirations as an end destination, if only a temporary one, because the analogy points to the obvious necessity of a map. Further, having an end destination in mind also establishes that there are multiple completely acceptable routes to get to said destination, and reminds us it is totally possible to get to where we want to go nicely or to travel (aka train) like these two drive

I could say I would go from Montana to Kansas with no idea of exactly how to do that, but that really seems like a good way to end up in Georgia or New York - and then what?! And there are some (ahem -- about 49+% of the population [*stereotype alert*]) who really cannot bear to ask for directions and therefore aim for Kansas and are still driving in circles someplace in Nebraska.

Isn't life grand?! It is a Choose Your Own Adventure kind of thing!

All that is to say -- identify your end goal, decide how you will get there, and take that first step. Be grand in your aspirations but realistic and kind in your journey. Easy peasy. 

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by Kay on Sun, 12/31/2017 - 10:59

Then again, driving around in circles in Nebraska may be a fun side trip. You never know for sure where your journey will take you. The important thing is to go on a journey and have a good time.

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