A Blog's Purpose

A blog has so many purposes, and but one of the most important is building and supporting community; that is why these photos make my heart happy...

That is Ruben (Glitteratti) in Arizona meeting Carol from Iowa/Illinois (she had Brighton from the D Litter and is honored by Ze.D's name [the D is for Dewey]). This would never have happened if not for dogs and blogs. Carol and Sharon are visiting Arizona and asked to be connected with Kay/Sue -- and so we build community, one happy connection at a time...

Lucas (Sparkler) thought his new friends were pretty awesome -- I agree!

Thanks to Kay for the photos - and to Kay/Sue, Carol/Sharon, and Ruben/Lucas for the really awesome heart lift.


by CA Heidi :-) on Fri, 01/19/2018 - 13:33

I have made so many friends through Berners -- on Facebook, here on this blog, and beyond; it's a wonderful extension of how happy I am in the company of these sweet souls, that I also love their people so much. <3 Some I get to see in person, like Tony and Brody, and to enjoy watching their sweet family grow, and some I enjoy vicariously. All are important and bring great joy. <3


by Tony on Sat, 01/20/2018 - 19:40

Are welcome to visit Ze.D and Nikko anytime!!!!

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