Warning and White

I want to issue a bit of a warning.

I am going to blog soon about social media from the perspective of a caring breeder -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. This has been planned for some time but every time I think it is the right time, something else happens and I delay so nobody thinks it is about him/her. When that post appears, know this -- it will not be about any one person AND it will be about all of us.

Most of us did not grow up learning the ropes of social media. I now cover appropriate professional social media use  in my classes -- but it certainly wasn't covered in my educational experience.

Where have you learned about appropriate use of social media? And who gets to define "appropriate" anyway?!

But have you ever considered that what looks like transparency to one looks like over-disclosure/lack of boundaries to another? What looks like support seeking to one looks like attention seeking to another? What looks like advocacy to one feels insulting to another? How do we navigate social media while staying true to ourselves and also reflecting good mental health, self-awareness, and consideration for others?

Should we even care?

On the other side of the keys on our computer are real people with real feelings -- and so yes, I believe we should care enough to at least be aware of how our words might be landing. 

And so I have thought for some time about this, and I am going to write about it. When I do, please remember the Carly Simon song.

At 13 months Claire is still a puppy, and mornings and puppies can be a challenging combination. When she was younger I gave her a rib bone each morning and now she gets a frozen stuffed Kong...

You see how clean and white Claire's blaze is? Zoey was just like that -- until recently. The chemo is causing her to get darkened pigment in places, including her muzzle...

I hope your day is dawning clear and bright! Happy Tuesday.

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by CA Heidi :-) on Wed, 01/31/2018 - 18:50

I think what is most difficult about social media is that it is mainly written communication. No gestures, tone of voice, facial expressions to add to the nuance of conversation, and also often little to no in-perso history with each other to add informative value to another's posts.

I think about one of my very best friends. If I <only> knew her through social media, I am not so sure we would get along. She has posted -- and reposted -- some things in the political arena that gave me pause. But rather than getting mad, I have a full data bank of personal memories with her, in which I know her to be a loving, caring, and genuine person. So rather than defaulting to anger or disgust, I ask -- and we talk, and our friendship continues on.

I have not had many experiences with breeders. I know you, Mary-Ann, and I have gotten two dogs from another breeder, and looking back, I can see that I had SO much to learn (thank you to all who patiently educated me, reassured me, and corrected me). I still have so much to learn. I feel invited to the process, and look forward to being a better guardian and better PPO then I have been. <3


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