Monday Miscellaneous & Holden Update

A lot of showing going on this weekend! Here is a picture of Milo, Maize's son from the D Litter, who collected ribbons for obedience this weekend...

He was in a different venue than AKC, which explains the lovely colored ribbons :) Congratulations to Milo and his wonderful people, Sue and Jeff.

And Marti reports that she finally was able to hitch Milo's sister, Fiona, to a cart. Fiona apparently was born without carting genes, and this definitely presents challenges so getting her hitched? Big Accomplishment!!! Good Job, Marti!

This picture is for Carol, who wondered if the elusive street cat called Ute by some and Carlos by others interacts with the dogs like Karma, the other street cat known as The Cross-eyed Killer by some (aka Dear Husband) -- the answer: Only from safe places!

We had an unfortunate setback to training yesterday -- I threw the dumbbell for Asia and one end split off -- yes, the dumbbell got a divorce. Sad. Poor Asia didn't quite know what to think or which end to bring back. Oh well -- it was time to get a couple of new ones anyway. Here is Asia hanging on the couch...

I am super excited about showing this weekend in Utah -- Zoey will be doing agility. Due to Syd's litter and then keeping Harper, it has been months since we have shown and I am ready to get back.

My problem with going to Utah is that there are many people I want to see -- including Dear Children -- and I will be there for less than 48 hours and will be doing agility in Farmington during the day. We are talking about a dog party at Sunnyside Park on Saturday, late afternoon -- more details later this week.

And for you non-western folks, consider this -- Utah is a relatively close agility trial for us, and it is still over seven hours of driving to get to it! We have two local agility trials per year -- and one all-breed/obedience show that is local. However, we also have eagles and no traffic so I think it balances out :)

Holden Squeaker's dad got a new camera so we are expecting some good pictures for his update today! And that reminds me -- I wanted to share some hints on getting good dog photos from my friend, Julie Chapman. She is an amazing artist -- seriously amazing. Here is a link with ideas for how to get a good dog photo:

...and here is a link to her site -- her paintings of animals are unreal -- or maybe I should say, very real:

I hope your day is picture perfect!

Green Brown Thumb!

Look what is growing in our raised garden bed this morning!

She and Harper B were regarding each other -- CUTE!  

    I heart Montana!!!!

Holden Squeaker Update!!!!

These are seriously cute plumpies -- that is what I have to say! And here is Toby's report about Holden...

"Holden Squeaker made his debutante debut yesterday at a local puppy match and came out with a Best of Breed ribbon, granted there was only one other Berner puppy!  A very promising start, despite me wanting to slug the handler behind me.....(Editor's Note: Self-restraint is always usually sometimes occasionally a virtue.)

He's still loving his puppy class and pre-agility lessons, where he just absorbs everything like a sponge!  The biting has almost gone away completely except for a few periods when he gets really wound up, like last night, which included biting, unzipping the carpet and walking across an end table!  I guess we're entering the juvenile delinquent stage now! 

But he is also so amazingly lovable and sweet, today he stayed home from work and the greeting I got when I came home was wonderful!  He really missed his mommy!  He and Nora are still best buds in the world and here is a photo of them hanging out in the backyard, just chillin'...

...and one of Holden partaking in one of his favorite activities - stick chewing! 

What a total love!"

Thank you, Toby -- that is one ADORABLE puppy!!!!!!!


by Sue on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 09:08

Milo is so honored to make the website! Thanks for celebrating with us on his fun weekend.

I was thinking of you when driving home actually as the trial was 2 hours away - which is kind of far - if you live in New England, but you would've considered that nice and close.

by Lois on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 09:41

Have been away from technology for a few days and so much to catch up on.
So sorry about poor Zeke and hope he is feeling better. All of the plumpies are so cute and getting so big!

by Carmen K. on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 18:58

LOL! A day off afforded me a full day of work in the garden...Love the deer in the garden bed :) And that is seriously a lovely photo of Nora and Holden! I would frame that :) Thanks for the update on the plumpies and for the link to photography! Will check it out!

by Aunt Heidi on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 07:00

I heart Holden! He is so fuzzy and healthy and I would like you to bring him back home to me now please.........

by cindy heintzberger on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 10:08

That picture of Holden and Nora is absolutely beautiful!!! Wish mine all loved each other that much - I was just excited that they are finally starting to play tug...

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