ZZeke Update & Leftover Sunday Stuff

Trying to catch up! Here is our weekly report on Zeke from Barb!

"Zeke is feeling much better.  He spent his week on limited activity. Poor pathetic puppy face in the ex-pen...

Also he went on leash walks. We got a lot of snow this week so he did some wallowing in it (on the leash)!  We will go back next Thursday for follow up.

This has been a tough week-it is so hard when your little puppy doesn't feel well.  He has gotten lots of extra snuggle/cuddle in the bed time.  He is such a good little baby- more spoiled than ever now..."

Barb also sent along photo evidence of Zeke's adult coat coming in on his tail but the picture was blurry when I cropped it so you will have to take my word for it! So glad to see Zeke looking better!!!! Thanks to Barb and Keith for taking such good care of our little guy :)

Sunday was a little hectic as I needed to deal with some family stuff while in Salt Lake -- I ran Zoey in a lovely Excellent Standard run and then Joan and Rainey (from the Glitterati -- Syd's littermate) stopped by so we let Harper and Rainey play while we visited...

Rainey is a sweet boy and he was great with his little niece -- and they tired each other out, which is perfect when a puppy has a long day in the crate!

So after spending a few hours with the aforementioned family matter, it was time to head north to Montana. Luck was on our side as we made it to the personal dog park in the Middle of Nowhere, Idaho right before sunset -- and there was only a little snow so it was accessible. Here are pictures from Harper B's first visit to the personal dog park!

It really isn't our personal dog park -- I just call it that :) It is really federal land that is open space between two mountain ranges for miles and miles and miles. I found this area off the main road a few years back and it is the perfect stop between Montana and Utah...

Harper thought it was very fun and raced around like a crazy puppy...

Harper B's first agility trial was a big success. She was friendly to all, handled the strange dogs with no problem, played with some other puppies, and watched dogs running agility with keen interest -- I think she was studying :) I was so glad she got to meet more of her favorite aunties, and she was a perfect guest at Dear Daughter's house -- even when the kitten taught her appropriate manners -- look at what that small kitten accomplished!! Karma's head would have been in Harper's mouth...

And I will end Sunday with this shot of Harper B from yesterday...

The weekend is now concluded and we can begin Monday! I hope your week is a wonderful one! Holden update later and etc.



by Lisa K on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 16:47

Poor little man! Hope he continues on a good healing path! xo

by Barb on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 19:36

Wow! Very handsome boy!! I don't think I've ever seen a picture of him as an adult! Looks like he and Harper had fun hanging out. Maybe updates should be mandatory for everyone??

by Heidi on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 20:26

Poor Zeke-Dog. :-( It's a bummer to be a puppy that's full of fun stuff, only to be stalled by stupid sick days. I hope you are back to being a bouncy boy soon!

Welcome back to Montana! I love trips, but coming home is so sweet and and . . . homey. :-) I'm glad you had safe travels.


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