Holden Squeaker and Pictures and So On

Let's start with our Update from Toby -- she shares....

"Today Holden weighed in at 41.4 lbs!  He continues to be a star pupil in both his puppy class and his pre-agility foundation lessons.  He now targets and does a lovely 2-on-2-off on a little traveling board-I'll have to try and get a photo for next week's blog.  I swear he came wired with all of the hardware to be incredibly easy,smart and FUN to train-I just have to install the software :) 

He's starting to get a line of big boy fur down the center of his back, in addition to the patch on his tail.  He still loves to eat poop, it's a challenge to stay ahead of him on that, and I'm half tempted to just say the heck with it and let him eat as much of it as he wants-maybe he'll get tired of it.  It is no doubt a behavioral issue, as he's become as obsessive about eating it as I am about preventing it!

Here are two photos from a lovely walk we had yesterday at a nature preserve near us, it was nearly 50 degrees and a beautiful day for February!"

Thank you, Toby -- and we are sorry about Holden's unfortunate habit -- sigh.... Good thing he is otherwise perfect!

Terri sent this picture of Peaches with her ribbon for her new Nosework title! Congratulations again to them!

And yesterday at the southern California show Peaches' and Zoey's littermate, Purna, was Winner's Bitch/Best of Opposite -- nice that Fiona and Purna can share the points at that show! Congratulations Marti and Purna!!!!

Harper B was glad to see her mom but even more striking is how thrilled Zoey is to be with Asia after a weekend away -- they have been inseparable this morning with lots of mutual grooming...

Harper B was even invited to the SisterFest...

Zoey is the most cuddly dog I have ever had, and she LOVES her sister, Asia -- it is pretty amazing to see how obvious her feelings are for her big sister today...

Hope your day is going well!

P.S. Regarding spam -- Galen put in some new filters. No "Anonymous" posts are allowed now so you will have to make up a name ;) And no links are allowed in the Comments anymore so if you want to share one, please just send it to me -- but no links for designer purses or UGG boots allowed!!!!


by cindy heintzberger on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 10:15

That Asia/Zoey "thing" is just adorable!!! It is really amazing that they show such a preference. Such beautiful girls!
Lainey is the most cuddley puppy I have ever had also - she still believes that she is a very small lap dog:)

by Lisa K on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 10:20

Not sure if you all do this, but clicking on the pictures blows them up full screen and can sometimes bring on a tear or two. Just an FYI and a warning! ;-)

by Carol Kracht on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 18:12

Is poop eating a hereditary tendency? and can a dog be trained not to eat poop using a yummy treat right when the dog poops and turns to eat the poop, say "leave it" and when dog looks at you feed for doing so... ( Assuming the "leave it" is something you have taught outside of the poop eating situation- and this by the way is a perfect example of sometimes needing to "correct" the dog IMO- all dogs should have a solid "leave it"-" Stop what you are doing as it may kill you!" ( car, snake, poison, mushrooms, a cat, another dog lunging) Anyway, I did see Victoria Stillwell train two poop eating pugs to leave the poop alone, and she is generally a non-compulsive trainer using flags as poop markers and training the dogs to avoid the flags giving the owner time to pick up the poop. Seriously, this is one issue that I would be more than willing to use a little, stress little... leash correction for, followed up by big jackpots once the dog left the poop alone. Just wondering if anyone has solved this problem well?

by Mary-Ann on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 18:52

I am tired -- and I suspect it is not news that I think very poorly of correction-based dog training -- so for now I will just disagree very strongly with this comment.

by Carmen K. on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 18:57

Awww! Such sweet pictures all around! And yes it tugs at the heart to see such sisterly love :) Thank you all for sharing! Warms the heart on this cold and windy February day...

by Scooper on Tue, 02/28/2012 - 09:09

I saw the "Victoria pug-poop eating show", she did flag each poop to come back and get it later and have the flag as a visual "leave it". But I thought - why train me to mark it and then clean it later...just pick up instead of flag it.

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