Double Dose Wednesday!

It is Baby/Puppy day on the Blog!!!! Thanks to John and Kristine for this update on their busy family!

"Another fun week for our family!  Mika was displaced from her bed this weekend (the guest bed in the guest bedroom) because we had visitors.  My good friend Matt  came to visit with his wife, Eva, and 11 month old son, Weston.  This was the first time they met Kai and Heidi. 

My sister and nephew came over to visit one evening because they had never met Weston.  Of course they came to see Kai also! 

I remember Matt asking if I was mentally sound when I told him we were getting a puppy around the same time Kai was born.  I think/hope we proved our sanity this weekend...

Heidi keeps on trucking... she is a very happy puppy and we try to keep her mind occupied.  After busy days of play with Mika, Lainey, or my sister's dogs she has discovered her most favorite places to rest in the family room. 

All of her front teeth are growing in but she still has her puppy canines.  She measured 19" height and we haven't done a weight yet this week.  She is very sensitive and smart -- and learns very quickly! 

She will not be boxed up and shipped out any time soon... so sorry to disappoint."

Heidi2 is looking more and more like her mom! CUTE!!!!!!!!! And KaiBaby is looking like both of his parents -- cuteness all over the place at the Younger Heintzbergers!


by AuntHeidi on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 07:16

*noticed he said nothing about not boxing up KaiBaby and sending him* *crosses her fingers*

by Lisa K on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 07:24

Love Wednesdays!! Heidi does look like her mom, another reason I adore her! Very sad to hear she isn't being sent anywhere. BUT, if you all ever need a break, like when they are teenagers, you know where to find me...
Luv the pic of the 'boys'!

by Toby E. on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 12:21

Cuteness abounds!!!!!!

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