The Power of the NEW Lucky Hanukkah Socks

I want to write this Blog in a way that shares my pride and my joy BUT doesn't sound over the top braggy -- because great accomplishments never happen in isolation, and so what seems to be something one person achieved is really because of the efforts of so many. In the case of Zoey, I would not have the dog I do without all those who worked with me in my breeding program, all the trainers -- human and dog -- that I have had along the way, Dear Husband (or Galen) who stays home with the other dogs when we show and just puts up with it all, The New Lucky Hanukkah Socks, The Lucky Green Socks, and so on -- you get the idea. No accomplishment belongs to one person.

That said, we have an amazingly great dog and I will say that at the risk of poking at the rattlesnakes who will stir to find negative things to say because God forbid somebody else have a Great Dog!!! Rattlesnakes -- calm down!!! There is plenty of glory to be shared :)

But we do have a Great Dog -- and I mean *we* as in all of you who have followed Zoey and her littermates for nearly three years now, and who have sent support and encouragement and socks and so on -- you are part of Team Zoey. And guess what Team? We got ourselves a Winner :) (click Read more to read more about Zoey's Excellent Summer)

Yesterday Zoey did what I did not think we could do -- she (and the New Lucky Hanukkah Socks) put together a second clean open standard run in as many days to earn her Open Agility (OA) title. This is cause for celebration, of course, but the real celebrating is for what that title did -- in conjunction with the Draft Dog title she earned in June and the Grand Championship she -- and the Lucky Green Socks -- earned on Saturday, it made her the first girly-girl to earn the BMDCA's Versatility Dog Excellent award and that is a seriously Big Deal.

There are now three berners who have this award -- Zoey and two boys, one of which is Marshall, Cadi's dad. To earn it, the owner must be a BMDCA member and the a dog must be a Grand Champion, have a Draft Dog title (DD), and have one other open-level working title from the approved list.

Because I breed Bernese Mountain Dogs -- and not obedience dogs or agility dogs -- I am committed to breed type and working ability. Achieving this award on Zoey validates what we have been doing, and reminds all of us that you do not have to sacrifice breed type to have an outstanding working berner. And Zoey will not be the exception at our house -- I expect Cadi to be the next Kaibab Versatility Dog Excellent -- she just needs to grow back some coat so we can finish off that Grand Championship (she already has the required working titles). And then we will work on Sydney -- well, after she has the Hopeful H Litter...

But the summer has belonged to Zoey -- in June she earned her Versatility Dog award and Working Dog award and now she ends the summer with a Versatility Dog Excellent award -- WOW. I am just so proud of her and grateful to all who have cheered us on and therefore been part of our journey :)

We did not get a fancy picture on Saturday when she finished her Grand Championship because as you know, she is out of coat. And so we took some pictures of the after-party at our camping site at the show. Zoey did not like the blueberries we offered but she thought the whipped cream was most excellent. This is a friend serving the new Grand Champion...



The party-goers with Zoey and the Best of Opposite ribbon

Me and Zoey - that is Zoey on my shirt, thanks to Kris Osojnicki!

And Zoey with her most favorite fan -- her big sister, Asia (and a shared nylabone)...

Other Kaibab dog news tomorrow -- I wanted today's Blog to be all Zoey because I think she deserves it. Thank you for sharing this with me -- and I hope you have a Most Excellent Week in honor of the new Versatility Dog (most) Excellent: GrCH Kaibab'z Forever Bright TD, OA, DD.


by Maddie's Mommy on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 10:50

This is a great achievement, showing beauty, brains and more than a litle brawn for that draft title! And how nice to see that even Asia is letting cuddly Zoey be extra-close in celebration. Most excellent indeed!

by Elizabethanne on Mon, 08/22/2011 - 23:44

Please please please name one of the H litter puppies Kaibab's Hanukkah Socks. Please!

Congrats on the huge new title. Very cool, my friend!

by Mary-Ann Bowman on Tue, 08/23/2011 - 05:37

LOL!!!!!! Elizabethanne has already started with her clever names!

by Barb on Tue, 08/23/2011 - 15:01

Congratulations to you, Zoey and all of Team Zoey!! What a fantastic accomplishment.

by Heidi on Wed, 08/24/2011 - 13:58

Could you hear us cheering all the way from California? :-)

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