The Consequences of Success -- and Pictures!

I try not to Blog when I am in a mood -- hence no posts for the past couple of days. Believe it or not, this Blog is really not, "Dear Diary" and so sometimes it is best to sit on one's hands and keep them away from the keyboard -- yes, even I can have restraint at times! And so this is the restrained version... Click Read more -- if you dare!

Apparently I d.a.r.e.d. to achieve success -- isn't that rude of me? Inconsiderate? I guess so.

Some else's good news/success seems to offer us a menu of options. We can, as dear kind Kathy LaPine did, warmly send congratulations that includes content showing she "gets" it. Kathy noted that I had bred, trained, and shown Zoey myself -- and her kind words were genuine and honest. I love Kathy.

Others sent similar messages -- honest, sincere, and celebratory -- and I appreciated those wonderful people/messages so much.

Another option when people have good news/success is to minimize it. "Conformation is SO boring! "Conformation is SO political." "I just do not care about that pretty dog stuff." Blah Blah Bite Me.

Or we can respond to the good news/success of others by talking about ourselves, or by dumping ice cold water on the person like they do at the end of football games so that they do not stay so annoyingly happy. Or we can just not respond at all. Or talk behind their back about every fault of the success. Or my new favorite -- we can be passive aggressive and attack them about something else! Brilliant!!! Well, except I suspect it is not actually all that conscious of a process...

When people have success/good news, it is easy to feel as if they might be getting a little bit ahead -- and so that insecure part of ourselves looks for ways to knock them down a few notches. You cannot just walk up to someone and say, "I feel like your success is taking some of the spotlight away from me and it is making my ego feel bad so could you please stop being so successful?" No, we are not that direct -- because admitting we feel that way would further threaten that fragile ego.

And so we find other ways to suggest bad things about that person so that we can feel smug and superior again. Oh brother. Get a real problem, friend. There is enough glory to go around...

So thanks to those whose kindness was so genuine and real :) And to those who have struggled with being genuinely happy for me -- nobody's perfect and I write these Blogs to give us all food for thought. We are all works in progress, and all we can do is keep trying to be better people -- every single one of us (me included).

I have focused on Zoey this summer because I needed to (back injury limitations, as you know), but the other girls are just as talented and will get their turns at being in the spotlight. Cali's new rule that the Blog must always have pictures (well, she suggested it and I decided she was right and made it a rule ;) prompted me to take everyone's picture last night in order to post this morning -- so here are the Montana Kaibab girls, in age order starting with our two veterans, Maize and Halo (11 and almost 9).

Cadi posing with her Mini-Me, Sydney, who I want to point out is NOT sticking out her tongue like her sister, Zaida Jamaica...

My sister, Julie, gave me that footstool -- she forced me to take it and I thought it was a little garish but she is the Garage Sale Queen and saw it as a rare find. She literally put it in my car! Well, it turns out that I LOVE it!!!!! And so do the dogs -- Asia especially enjoys practicing her circus tricks on it.

Zoey says she can do anything Asia can do -- besides, it looks like an agility table :)

And isn't this the cutest picture of Sydney?!!!! Love it.

I suspect this is where Carol is bemoaning the fact that she cannot click on that great picture and make it larger -- I am working on getting Galen to give me that lesson so never fear, Carol -- I am listening and will git 'er done!

And I want to share this picture that Erin sent from California -- Kaibab dogs do all kinds of important things, and Levi (E Litter) is out there being the best family dog ever, loving his three boys and their parents, and making sure Erin does not get lonely on the trampoline. Aren't they both just beautiful?? And wouldn't you have loved to see Levi jumping up on that trampoline to be with his mom?!

Zoey -- the jumping bean -- says she wants a trampoline like Levi.

Well hop to it, friend -- have a fantastic day!!!


by Terri Zimmerman on Fri, 08/26/2011 - 08:04

Love the photos of the dogs but must admit I totally LOVE the one of Levi and Erin. He is so adorable and reminds me so much of Zaltana.

by Jennifer Zaayer on Fri, 08/26/2011 - 17:06

I too love these photos. They are beautiful portraits that capture each dog's unique qualities. But, I love the last one the best, because like Terii adn Zaltana, Levi looks so much like _my_ dearly departed Ti in this picture. It is actually making me cry to see it. Ti used to love to roll around on his back on our bed when he was excited about going for an outing. He would thrash his head back and forth and let out silly litle barks. His face looked just like Levi's does here.
And, huge congratulations to you and Zoey for the accomplishment of your Versatility Excellent award. I haven't been keeping up w/the blog, so did not know until now. I bet big sis Asia could pull it off w/ a VST for her 2nd working title.

by Heidi on Sun, 08/28/2011 - 19:26

I'm sorry someone felt the need to try to diminish your tremendous successes, instead of seeing them as an invitation to be successful themselves. :-( That's a missed opportunity. Isn't it wonderful that our dogs are not similarly limited? :-) They are equal opportunity tail waggers. We should all try that.

by sana mirza on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 10:51

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by sana mirza on Sat, 12/14/2013 - 10:51

bloodi baster

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