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We are trained from childhood to engage in a critical thinking error: Relying on Authority. How many times were you told, "Because I said so"? Children are typically not encouraged to question authority, and without judging whether that is good or bad, I simply submit that it trains us to accept knowledge as true/accurate when provided by an authority.

My brother once ate some sweet peas seeds, and my parents told us that Peter would soon be growing sweet peas out of his nose and ears -- I was TERRIFIED. I absolutely believed this to be true -- since my parents said so.

And then there was Artichoke Conspiracy -- my dad claims not to remember this but all five children do. We grew up in CA and so we frequently had artichokes. My parents let us eat the ends of the leaves, but told us the hearts were too rich for children and so we passed them down to the parents. Seriously -- I was an adult before I ate an artichoke heart, and even then it was with suspicion!

Last Tuesday I handed back papers in my undergraduate class. I am not an easy grader, and especially when it comes to writing -- but I like to educate about how students can be better writers. Therefore, I told them they could rewrite their papers and I gave them pointers on how to write a good essay. As usual, I heard things like, "nobody else tells us that" and "this is how I have always written" -- sigh.

On Thursday I started talking about critical thinking, and one of the students raised her hand and said, "Okay -- if we are supposed to be critical thinkers -- how do we know that the way you are telling us to write an essay is correct?" Isn't that awesome????!!!!!! I wanted to hug her!

The fact that someone has Authority does not mean they have truth. Accepting knowledge as accurate simply because someone in authority said it is an error of critical thinking. We combat this error through a willingness to respectfully discuss/evaluate evidence -- and this means all of us, including those in positions of authority. We all benefit when we think critically.

And look who is learning how to think at a very early age...

I bet his parents let him eat artichoke hearts! That is Aspen Green's little brother, Ryan, at a big state chess tournament in CO -- he did rather well :)

And here is the whole Green family in Denver at the tournament yesterday...

Tiffany cooked up Dr. Dodds' recommended liver diet and sent a video of Aspen eating it up -- in fact, I think the whole family might be eating it now ;)

Sue N. from NH sent pictures of Milo (D Litter) yesterday -- I love getting pictures! Not only do I get to see a puppy that I love, but in Milo I also get to see Maize again...

What a beautiful boy he is :) Thank you, Sue!!!!!!

And no worries about my parents -- I *might* have told them some big whoppers also ;)


by Elizabeth on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 07:54

I grew up thinking Oregano was "an adult spice" -- a phrase my husband came up with when he heard about it. My mother would make a tomato-based dish like spaghetti or a casserole with tomato in it and then place the oregano dispenser next to my father's place at the table. So I thought oregano was something that only grown-ups could have! Now I add it by the handful when I'm cooking!

by Lisa K on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 08:09

What a great blog to read and that Team Photo of the Green family, where each one of them is smiling, including sweet Aspen, has just made Monday! :-)

by CA Heidi :-) on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 13:31

I wish I had known about the artichoke heart story. I could have had MANY more all to myself when our kiddo was growing up.

I'll use it with future grand kids. :-)


by Barz on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 18:03

Awww Milo does look like Mrs. Maize!! In a masculine way of course!
And GO Ryan!!! So exciting. Love the family picture too. Keeping AGBQ in my prayers.

by Tiffany Green on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 19:14

Awwww, look at Milo's gorgeous self! LOVE seeing Aspen's sister in him.
And I always appreciate the snow photographs. :)

Thank you for keeping Aspen in your prayers!
She wasn't as interested in "Dr. Dodd's liver diet for dogs" today but was eventually willing to eat some when I added cheese....okay, okay, and some bacon broken up into pieces on top. A girl's gotta do what she's gotta do! ;-)
Patrick and I gave her some SQ fluids this morning (for the first time a few days!) to get the extra fluid, electrolytes and B12 in her.
She had another good day so we've now had a full good week!!! Whoo hoo!
Hallelujah for a reprieve from tears falling at the Green household!

by Carmen K. on Mon, 02/18/2013 - 20:51

Such heartwarming photos of the Green Family and Aspen!...and I don't know which is bigger---Ryan's smile or those trophies! Way to go, Ryan!... And Milo is one handsome boy :) Thanks for the pics today and hoping for continued good days for our Beauty Queen :)

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