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First of all, thanks to Lisa K. who let us stay with her -- it was SO fun!!!!! To give you an idea of the great adventures we had, yesterday we headed off to Starbucks at O-dark hundred (both of us being excessively cheerful morning people -- really!) and ordered us some pumpkin spice yummy drinks. I took a lick of all that tempting whipped cream, choked on the inhaled spice stuff sprinkled on top  and sprayed whipped cream all over the counter -- imagine a sneeze but with whipped cream.

Thankfully I have much experience embarrassing myself -- I apologized profusely, grabbed napkins, and laughed until I cried -- and I think everyone else did also. It was a classic...

Yes, yes -- we have news!!! What I love about agility is that success does not depend on qualifying -- just seeing improvement is success!! Zoey did not get any legs but we are really getting better and better as a team, and so that is just awesome -- success is a journey and not an event.

Well, except with Mac -- it had become an event. On Saturday he popped the weaves THREE times -- sigh. Thank heavens I had the Lucky Green Socks on or who knows what might have happened!!!

Yesterday was his last chance, and so I pulled out and up the Big Guns:

I explained the situation to him again, and here is what I think he said to himself, "damn -- I think she really means it and I really do have to leave -- FINE".

And so he did -- weaving and jumping like the amazing working dog he is, Montana Mac became the fourth dog in the breed to earn the Versatility Dog Excellent award and is now: Grand Champion Glenmegan's Flanders Fire OJP DD!!!! Thanks to Lisa for this picture of us after the Happy Event...

As his reward, he had to go on an airplane -- poor Mac!!!! However, he arrived safely and is now happily at home in Connecticut with his very proud mom, Megan -- congratulations to Megan for breeding such a great dog and to Connecticut Mac on being that great dog!!!!

Lisa took all of today's blog pictures so thanks to her for that -- here are some of Zoey...

In other news, Fiona (D Litter) picked up two more points towards her championship -- congratulations!!! Fiona is having a good time in the ring lately!

Fiona's littermate, Joy, was at an Art Festival in Kansas City -- her proud grandma, Kathy, shared: "There are thousands of people mingling around the booths, and all of them wanted to pet the beautiful big dog.  I think every man, woman, and child had to touch her.  What an exceptional and amazing dog, gracious in every way.  A true offspring of Amazing Maize, and a joyful and wonderful spokesman for all Berners." LOVE those types of emails -- thanks, Kathy -- accomplishments come in all kinds of ways :)

Thanks for being part of Montana/Connecticut Mac's Big Adventure -- I hope your week is filled with good news and accomplishments and adventures but be careful about inhaling whipped cream -- not a good plan...

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by Barb on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 21:30

WOW!! So great that Mac was able to finish his versatility excellent!! I'm still amazed that he went from no working titles to 2 advanced titles in such a short time.. A testament to your ability as a trainer!!
The picture of the two of you was so sweet-he was a really nice boy when I met him. Best of luck Mac!! We will miss hearing of your adventures.
And Marti and Fiona-Congratulations!!!!
How is Miss Preggo??

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