Adventures in Pottying & etc.

As I mentioned, Cadi has a non-canine litter of babies -- yes, she is still denned up with them and even growls at the cats when they walk by! (click Read more)

Her favorite baby is Mr. Wonderful II -- the first Mr. Wonderful was Mrs. Maize's favorite and he is now headless and speechless, unlike the current Mr. Wonderful, who says all kinds of funny things when Cadi bonks his tummy -- this is not amusing in the middle of the night, however!

Anyway, getting Cadi to do anything is a big chore -- I thought you would like to see how we get her out to potty -- this is from yesterday and features Cadi, Mr. Wonderful II, and Dear Husband.

Dear Husband: Cadi, you need to potty -- just go and I will give you Mr. Wonderful II.

Cadi: Give me my baby!!!! Stop holding him by his head -- what kind of grandfather holds a baby by his head?!

Dear Husband: Cadi, it is easy -- just go potty!!!

Cadi: You are hurting his ears!!!! GIVE ME MY BABY NOW!!!!!!!

Dear Husband: Let's walk around and maybe that will help you remember what we do on grass...

Cadi: Now you are messing up his hair -- you call yourself a grandfather?!!! BABY!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(in between picture -- two seconds of peeing)

Cadi: Move aside please, my baby is not wearing any sunscreen and should not be outside!

Cadi: Open the door NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of Cadi's real babies, Ruben Hudson, picked up another point at a show in Arizona yesterday -- he is not showing today so we will congratulate him now on his excellent weekend :)

Barb sent this lovely picture of CH Zaida...

And Syd was very happy to see this picture:

She thinks Zed is now in jail for causing her to be in her delicate (and increasingly large) condition -- I did not think it was smart to separate her from that idea, so just let it go...

I hope your weekend is going well and filled with whatever (harmless) delusional thoughts make you happy :)


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