Sleepless in Stevensville

I should be sleeping (since it is past 8:00 pm ;) but am unsettled by someone who keeps sending me strange pictures and texts, and has left me a voice mail and called other times -- I have no idea who it is. Yikes. The police have already been here and I asked my hacker son (not Galen -- another one) to see if he could trace the phone number -- more yikes!!!

Anyway, various things...

Yesterday I took a road trip with Maize and Zoey -- we did the veterinary specialty loop. First stop was the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Pullman, Washington where Mrs. Maize and all her records were reviewed by an oncologist. Maize is doing so well that I want her to have every chance -- and so I did the five hour (one way) drive for a consult. I am so glad that I did -- I am reminded that I do best with professionals who understand evidence-based practice and don't get all freaked by my questions.

It went very well -- this is from the very detailed discharge summary:

"Maize has been diagnosed on histopathology with a histiocytic sarcoma.  These are aggressive tumors of antigen presenting cells (immune cells) that can vary widely in their clinical presentation.  Bernese mountain dogs have for years been recognized as one of the breeds predisposed to getting the disseminated histiocytic sarcoma that was not only metastatic in nature but also hemophagocytic (previously called malignant histiocytosis).  These dogs tended to deteriorate quickly (within weeks) and often presented with profound anemia and very clinically ill.  However, Bernese mountain dogs can also get the localized form of the histiocytic sarcoma which we believe Maize has.  This is still an aggressive tumor and we are always concerned about metastatic disease, but often these patients do respond to treatment.  And survival can be long as long as the cells do not become phagocytic."

The oncologist said Maize is "lucky" to have this "version" of histiocytic sarcoma and it is the reason she has done so well for the past year. They are recommending palliative radiation for increased survival and comfort, in addition to her chemo, which they recommend we give less frequently. The radiation will be tricky because we have to figure out when one of us could stay with Maize for nine days in Washington -- but that is a problem for another day.

Two additional things I had added already for Maize based on a literature review I had done (Denamarin and a NSAID) were things they would have recommended -- I am reminded of the importance of being informed as an owner. Our professionals cannot know everything -- and we should not expect them to -- so it is all about collaboration. I feel like we know what we are dealing with, and that Maize has a great veterinary team working together on her behalf -- in two states!

They ended the discharge summary with this: "Maize is a very sweet girl and a wonderful patient! Thank you for entrusting her care with us." How cute is that?!

We left Pullman and drove to Spokane (1.5 hours) where Zoey had an appointment to get her CERF exam done with a friend of Carol, who has Brighton from the D Litter -- small world! I am pleased to report that not only does Zoey have eyeballs but that they are "perfect".

We left Spokane and arrived home 3.5 hours later -- all that driving is the price we pay for living in the most beautiful place!

So, moving on to bigger matters -- Sydney is really big -- yikes!!!! See for yourself:

The beached whale look... Anyone want to change their guess?!

But still so cheerful and pretty :)

And that is the report from Montana, where strange people named Ron send weird text messages and the police actually take it seriously!!!


by Marianne on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 02:46

Sydney ~ Beautiful Sydney with beautiful babies...I might change my guess from 7 babies to 8 babies. Will she get another ultra sound soon?
Ron is more than are living w/how many dogs...SIX BIG DOGS and a retired law enforcement professional husband. So glad the police are taking this seriously. Walk w/the biggest and least friendly dog.

by Marti Simons on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 09:18

So glad Mrs. Maize is doing well. I need to find a dictionary to look up some of the terms but basically I get the gist of it. Where do you find your information? Feeling the need to get more information on Fi.

As for Ron, well the fact that he knows things about you and still is sending you crazy texts etc. is alarming. Could it be a student who is angry at you? If you would like to borrow him, I could bring or send Maverick to you for a couple of weeks. Nobody messes with me when I am walking him. Most people head for the other sidewalk. :) Just saying there is something about a ginourmous (Molly's new word) black dog.

And glad you are there. The police here would just look at you. Jeez they didn't do anything when we had someone taking pictures of the girls in the shower.

Sydney, it's 8. I know it.

by cindy heintzberger on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 11:35

I agree with Marti - it's now 8!!!!!

I am sorry that you have to be bothered by "Ron" but know that it will be taken care of!!

I am so pleased to hear about Mrs.Maize - such good news!!!

by Lynn on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 10:01

Either they are six very large puppies or ... nine. Gonna go with nine.

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