Monday Night Report: Not Tomorrow

We have made it through Monday with no temperature drop -- here is the chart on the frig:

How did I manage those mid-day temps when Dear Husband is out of town? I declared it, "Take your Very Pregnant Dog to Work" Day!

Yes, my office is pink but never mind that -- note how stressed Syd was at being there! Tomorrow is also "Take Your Very Pregnant Dog to Work" Day so don't forget your very pregnant dog when you leave for work!

Syd rested up at work because she had Big Business to tend to when she got home -- preparing the nursery. You know those new moms love to plan their nursery themes!!! She seems to have two nursery themes going -- here is one of her choices -- we call it The Great Outdoors theme...

Note the tree for shade -- particularly important as we head into winter. Syd is hard at work on this theme...

When not allowed to prepare this nursery, she works on the other one -- it used to be our bed, neatly made. She moved all the the blankets with her teeth in addition to digging at them -- I am thinking Sue in Arizona is going to want Syd to join her interior design business -- Syd can do nurseries, and has the versatility to do both indoor and outdoor nursery themes -- such talent!

In other family weirdo-ness, here is the final picture of Cadi and Mr. Wonderful II (now in a, b, and c versions). Cadi was starting to get the look of a mother whose child has perhaps reached those teenage years -- you know, like she might eat him...

And so Mr. Wonderful II a, b, and c has been sent away to a distant boarding school, as most teenagers should (at least that is what I told Cadi).

And so ends Monday of the Countdown Week...


by joan on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 20:06

My neighbor has a cement statue of a dog butt up in the air just like that picture! Good luck to Syd - and you!!

by Lisa K on Mon, 10/10/2011 - 20:13

And that is all I have to say....

by Elizabethanne on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 00:24

I'm trying not to laugh too loud because I'm going to wake dear husband up! And, I'm not sure he'll find Take Your Very Pregnant Dog to Work Day as humorous as I do past midnight!

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